How Your Profession Define Your Habits


Profession Habit

Bet you wouldn’t have thought about it like this before, but it’s astonishing how much your profession can change your core. Sometimes permanently. Work takes up a huge chunk of our years, be it to pay bills or to excel in a certain field, your work can redefine your mental aorta. For example, I’m guessing you’d have better luck finding tooth fairy than find a super thin model who doesn’t smoke.

Every vocation comes with certain habits that help you fit-in in that industry and before you know, the habits would’ve become the very part of you.

If you are in a certain job, here’s a list of what you’re likely to become:

1. Foreign Accent Fakers- BPO & Software Pros

If you’re working for any MNC having huge foreign operations, you’ll either relate to it or deny it. The minute they enter into their “operating time-zone” or “bay”, they suffer a split personality disorder. More often than not, Indians deputed to US come back as Americans, yeah and with a (funny) accent

2. Incurable Skeptics- Journalists, Attorneys and TV News agencies

Our public framework is such that only the bad news draws more attention. Most news agencies train their people to excel in sniffing gossips and gruesome acts. Not convinced, turn to the first and second page of your newspaper, you’re likely to find politics, suicides, murders and misfortunate stories.

3. Smooth Talkers / Liars- Sales and Marketing teams

Promise them a high commission and they’ll sell snow to the eskimos too. Since half of their time in their job goes into building up strategies to market products, they very well know the power of lies. They’ll often make you promises that are basically blatant lies. They can talk you into buy stuff you don’t even need. Though many other jobs would force you into it, Sales and Marketing departments have the highest numbers.

4. Drunkards- Mining and Construction workers

Given any country, one must think that the profession that gets you to say “bottoms up” every hour would be the breweries or the fashion industry. On the contrary, it’s the mining and construction industry. The US government recently released the alcohol use data and the workers in the above mentioned industry were reported to be heavy drinkers.

5. The Convincers- Attorneys

They are the ones who mastered the game of debate in school where they could speak for or against the topic. They are so good at convincing and laying across points that even a criminal walks out feeling like a hero after a talk with his lawyer.

6. Perfectionists- Auditors

Unlike other professions, auditors are trained to be uncompromising perfectionists. Nothing less of the best can satisfy them, so in real lives it’s quite tough to convince them. Many joke, they qualify as Auditors to qualify your audit report.

Though these are the trends noticed in the majority, there are many exceptions and if belong to one of the professions above, chances are you might be the exception. There are typical behaviors of some jobs, if you try to separate it from the master, the craft dies. Just imagine the burglar’s luck if the cop acts like a hermit!

Do you have other jobs to add? Do so in the comments section.


  1. Avinash says

    I agree the content could be better, much better. But i would not like to put up a vitriolic comment right here, so as not to demotivate the author.

    Let me give you few examples and see if you think of their habits – Analysts, Banker, Air hostess, Singers, Weather forecasters, Laundry person, Parking attendant…Try again!

  2. Kall Ramanathan says


    Surely, this must rank as one of the most meaningless & inessential posts published in Ti ever since I have been reading the blog. The first, third & sixth ones (actually all of them) on the list is such a stereotype that they are not even funny. How did you even clear it for publication? Your reasoning that it is a “a light-hearted weekend read” doesn’t cut it and, what did you want the readers to think?!

    @Vaishnavi: This is not against the author, but against the quality of the post, so it doesn’t matter if HBR, Business Insider or Inc. publish something like this. They wont!

  3. Ashish says

    Wow ! I don’t know how this article made it to trak blog.
    Simply describing stereotypes associated with different profession is not an insightful observation on habits of people of various professions .
    Let me offer you some tips on what could have been to content of this article
    – senior management professionals typically like to indulge in golf , read economist , follow finance news, wake up early
    – people from military are very methodical even in their civil life . They are quite fit for process improvement type of jobs because they will inject descipline , eleminate waste and push everyone to perform with a sense of urgency .
    You get the point .. Give it another try

    1. Vaishnavi says

      Hey Ashish,

      Thanks for your views. Much appreciated.
      No offence but guess you got to stop stereotyping the blog.
      I’m sure if the HBR (Harvard Business Review) guys came out with something like this you’d have a world of praises.
      Anyways, thanks for stopping by.


    2. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Dear Ashish,

      This was a light-hearted weekend read…and yes, it is not our typical stories, but we need to do this as well to see what our readers think.

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