[Update]Sad! Samsung India Employee Tries To Kill Himself Due To Unfair Work Policies


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Update: March 2nd, 2015

[box type=”shadow” ]We have edited and removed certain portions of this article as it seems the Samsung employee in question was at fault here. The Samsung employee who attempted suicide has apologized to the Samsung management regarding his behavior, and has admitted that he was not in his proper emotional state when he posted the updates on Facebook. The OfficeChai report (cited previously) where they had interviewed the employee has also been deleted.

We have the Samsung employee apology letter in our possession, and based on it, we can say that the employee seemed to be emotionally fragile, when he tried to harm himself. He has absolved Samsung of any wrongdoing.

Note: After we had discussions with Samsung representatives, we have edited certain parts of the article to show the facts.


[Content Deleted] The content below this has been written at the time when article was first published [Feb 26th 2015]

Is there something wrong with work ethics and HR policies of Samsung? Or the work pressure is way too much to handle? Issues regarding racism, partiality and prejudices have also reportedly come up not only in India but in other global offices as well.

– At the same location where this person was employed, another female employee threatened to commit suicide due to sexual harassment. Last year in May, a female employee at Samsung R&D Institute India Pvt Ltd located in Bagmane Constellation Business Park, Outer Ring Road filed a police complaint against her three senior staff members for sexually harassing her.

Samsung India Response: We wish to inform you that said female employee has given apology letter to the Company stating that she had made allegations in an emotionally weak situation and has withdrawn all her allegations and apologized for the same.

– As per a comment posted in one of the online complaint boards in India, an employee of Samsung in Bangalore has described his MD as ‘Hitler’ who had made mandatory log in time as 8.00 AM; and even if any employee is late by 2 minutes, half day salary would be deducted.

Note: This incidence mentioned above is from November 2010 and the current Samsung India MD may not have the same working style.

– As per a discussion on Glassdoor, employees are alleging harassment of female employees by the managers with claims that an employee committed suicide recently, but the matter was buried. The complaints range from long working hours, racism and partiality by Korean managers.

Samsung India Response: The above discussion pertains to the same female employee mentioned in first point. She given apology letter to the Company stating that she had made allegations in an emotionally weak situation and has withdrawn all her allegations and apologized for the same.

– In January, 2014, a 36 year old factory worker in Korea committed suicide due to harsh labor control rules imposed by the management. In his suicide note, he said that he can’t withstand the torture.

– A 51 year old VP in Samsung Korea committed suicide in 2010, due to work pressure and stress.

– In Korea, a young factory worker in Samsung’s LCD factory committed suicide in January 11, 2011, which was his joining day. As per reports, he was so shocked and stunned by the working conditions and rules, that he couldn’t even stand a day. In the same month, another factory worker had committed suicide at the same location.

– In January 2011, workers and management in Samsung’s Vietnam factory clashed violently due to issues related with working conditions and their ‘rules’. The factory was built at an expense of $2 billion, used to assembling phones which were manufactured in China.

– In May last year, thousands of workers in Korea demonstrated against Samsung for the death of one of their workers, whose dead body was reportedly stolen by the police. He was fighting against the company’s policies for factory workers.

– In Brazil, the Government filed lawsuit against Samsung for labor violations which include excessive work hours, insufficient breaks, and hazardous working conditions. The Govt. sought $108 million from Samsung.

There are numerous other cases pertaining to these issues in Samsung, globally. In an interesting Quora thread, employees of Samsung India shared some of the deepest secrets of the company. For example:

Partiality between Indian and Korean employees: Indian employees are expected and asked to work long hours, but are not given any overtime bonus, whereas Korean employees are given all benefits.

– As per an employee, there are separate washrooms for Korean and Indian employees; separate dining facilities and they are treated differently. Even a junior Korean employee would be asked to monitor senior Indian employees.

– There is huge discrepancy in terms of salaries

– As per a comment, Indian employees are expected to ‘obey your seniors and HQ’

And one employee describes the Samsung environment as:

Korean Concentration Camp

As of now 2014, Samsung employed 4,27,000 employees globally out of which 3,26,000 employees are in Samsung Electronics which manufactures semi-conductors, consumer electronics, telecom equipment and more. In the year 2013, Samsung had revenues of $327 billion.

The word Samsung translates into ‘three stars’ and in Korean culture, 3 signifies big, powerful and numerous.

But it seems that this enormity, hugeness and massive operations of Samsung globally is crushing their employee’s emotional and mental stability, and making them vulnerable to lose confidence within themselves.

Samsung follows a strict hierarchal structure from top to bottom within their organization, with special care to impose the strict cultural and traditional norms. But if it leads to employees killing themselves, then is it worth it?

If you are an employee from Samsung, then we would appreciate your views on this issue.

  1. Franchesca says

    I can say that people should research a little how to get an extra income or other ways to survive before commiting suicide. Comitting suicide is very drastic, once you’re dead there’s nothing you can do to solve the issue, ways to get income as online as offline.

  2. sonu says

    Samsung is worst organizational. Please think carefully before taking any decisions

  3. rahul kumar says

    hi my name is rahul i workd with samsng for 7 year as a sales pramoter (spc) in gurgaon. Yes they provide good slry pkg compr to Lg & sony but it is also true that for ground level employee like me HR policy is very horrible, there is no fix working hours no public holiday nothing, everything in the hand of samsung shop owner if he open his shop 10 am morning and close 9 pm at night so samsung spc also has to be there and many shopkeeper open his shop all 7days in that case there is no week off also not even diwali dashehra 15aug or 26jan they say that this is the main time to increase the sale yes it is true but the problem is there is no overtime n no extra money for this, area manager n teamleader alwys support shop owner because they want more revenue from dealer side apart from that there is so many rules regulation like if some time u reach 5 or 10 mint late on counter they will cut ur half day salary if u r not in proper uniform or u forgot to shave they will mark 3 days leave without pay and this is 100% truth if u people dont belive then u can go any samsung brand shop and ask any samsung spc(samsung product consultant). Now u people are thinking that why i worked for 7 yrs with this company the only reason is my poor financial condition. But in India it is true that there is to many needy n jobless people but these mnc should not take advantage of that and our goverment also notice that kind of unlawfull work culture. Pm modi always give example of other developed countries good things but when he will implement those countries work culture on india like 8hrs woking and 2 days off in a week specially retail sector ground level employee.

  4. Ankur Mittal says

    I have worked in Samsung for 2 years in Noida and here is my experience-

    Indian employees are expected and asked to work long hours, but are not given any overtime bonus, whereas Korean employees are given all benefits. – No overtime was given in India, but you are dropped via cab and even dinner is provided to employees in India. Don’t know about Korean employees

    As per an employee, there are separate washrooms for Korean and Indian employees- Wrong everyone uses the same washrooms

    Separate dining facilities and they are treated differently.- There food is different so quite justified, but they even eat Indian food in the same dining room with Indian employees

    Even a junior Korean employee would be asked to monitor senior Indian employees- haven’t seen this when I was in company.

    There is huge discrepancy in terms of salaries- Indian employees are paid much better than Indian standards. It’s obvious if you send some foreign employee on onsite, they would be paid according to there country. The salaries in Korea is very high.

  5. Yash says

    The article has been removed from their blog… officechai

  6. Anamika says

    This is such a sad face of the industry. Fortunately, I got out of this corporate shit quite early … but I have seen and sensed the stress it adds to your thoughts and living … such extreme steps are unavoidable for those who don’t find any way out or are not guided through the situation.. hoping for a change in law and extreme action against those who misuse their power… Good article Mohul.. you have indeed done your bit in this case.

  7. […] per reports coming in from Bangalore, a Samsung India employee attempted a suicide due to unfair treatment by the management. He posted these updates on his Facebook wall, announcing his […]

  8. anonymous says

    I truly agree that Samsung is a worst company to work , it is a trap they simply gives you higher salary than market standards and ensure you are stucked and don’t able to go and join anywhere. I worked with Samsung for more than 6 years in east I have seen 100s of people to leave under pressure without jobs.the Korean peoples just treat Indians as their slaves Mr Donga Jung was east head he use to call female employees to his house on Sunday to help him for shopping and those who denies she will have to bear tuff time in the organization. They use to keep one Indian dog who use be their watch dog. In east Mr Pradipto Ganguly was their watch dog who use to sale fake branded watch to employees take money from employees and those who want to come out from his team or denies his have to out of the system through his rapoot with Korean boss. He have at least shacked or indirectly ensured more than 50 people out of the system simply because he or she denied to be in his trap.Hr is a puppet in front of Koreans they don’t have any power to safe any employees.

    1. Anonymous says

      Dear All , When ever you are famous its easy to defame. My dear friend who claims to have spent 6 years in this Organisation in East chose to be anonymous .Why ?? When he is no longer there with the company he should expose all.All these infos are a piece of SHIT !!

      Yes ,Pressure exist but not to the point of forcing anyone to commit suicide.If the Company is that bad ,how come you have Employees who have spent more than 15 years in this Organisation.

      I know who has written this article ,bcoz he was caught for doing activities which is an integrity lapse.

      Samsung is a nice place to work ,and please dont get mis lead by what these people have to say !!

      1. Yash says

        Surprised that anonymous is questioning the identity of anonymous. Does it really matter who is writing. Someone must have got affected hence written. You just give ur opinion. Dont question others. They will soon do the same with you. Kindly pay attention to your spellings and gramr. Writer dear, if you intended to delete this article, u should not have invited the comments.

    2. Pradipto Ganguly says

      Hey,This is Pradipto myself. Never knew i was that strong …ha ha ha.
      Why be anonymous when you have left the Organization and moreover please improve your English dear SB.

      Ha ha ha ha….Take Care


  9. sujoy says

    The most employee unfriendly company, do not know how long they will sustain with such low employee morale.
    Yes expats get special treatment.

  10. Pawan says

    Yes everything written about samsung indian employees is true , they treat indians as slave

  11. Pavan says

    Hi guys, Do you think this is an original one, I got this doubt because will a Samsung employee is research make these many spelling mistakes.

    Petformer (performer), vain (vein), I were, considerd (considered), harrashing….. and finally 3 likes for suiside post who are those nasty guys liked a suicide post….?

  12. Yash says

    I have heard of practical instances where an general manager used to harass 2 lady employees of his team. The matter was escalated but no action was taken. This guy wanted to bring his own people into Samsung so that he could hav his hold in the Company. To take revenge from one of the female employees whom he thought was paid highly, he started defaming the female employee incorrectly stating that he had been accussed of sexual harassment. This lead to defamation of the female and he forced her to leave. Five 50 plus year old men sat with her to pressurize her to resign. They have even gone to the extent of spoiling her feedback in another mobile company and a online retailing company. This ladý is a fighter struggling hard to fight against the so called manager. Good part is that a few people hav records of his misbehaviour. An authority has been shown a recording of misbehaviour by expat CFO and HR team female members who do not hesitate to be their special agents against women. Women specially from HR and Legal team are worse and lack compassion.

  13. madhu says

    Every company will be same instead of suicide there will be lot of options to live

  14. Manish says

    The work culture is very bad. Our colleagues at Gurgaon have been forced to resign without any reason just because they don’t involve in politics done by their boss and the boss was having personal terms with HR Head.

    Even one of the colleague developed because of the humiliation and consequently died.

    For this work culture Indian bosses are responsible and not Koreans.

    1. X name with drawn says

      I agree with all comments as I have been working in Samsung for 5 years and I assure you in this Company employees r working like slave , they can’t give precious time to their family.
      The worst work culture I ever seen in Samsung

  15. Anamika says

    Do you think your article will serve any purpose. They will contact you and within few hours you will manage to delete this article from here. Laws are in their favour. They can do anything they want. They can even harass a female employee and claim that employee is harassing them. They can go to any extent till our regulators do something protect Indians. Kya PM Modi, ek research karenge ki last 3 years mein samsung mein kitne aise cases hue hain. Rather than giving free entry to outsiders first, foremost responsibility of government is to ensure that people are not mistreated and are heard if they are mistreated. Will anyone even give a damn???

  16. ajay Kumar says


    1) Separate facilities for Indians and Koreans.
    2) cruel/long working hours unspoken policies placed by Koreans and implemented by our Indians managers for fat salaries.
    3) discrimination between Indian and Korean employees.

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