What Happened On Internet Every Minute In 2014?


Internet Minute

The internet is becoming an integral part of our lives. It is to us what perhaps the newspaper was to our parents, or the radio was to our grandparents.

Nearly 40% of the world’s population now has access to the internet and with the number going up by leaps and bounds every year, nearly half of the world’s population will be connected to the internet by 2018 according to eMarketer.

Internet Usage 2013-2014: Trends and Observations

During the last year, 316 million new users got connected to the internet, their number having gone up from 2,712,239,300 to 3,028,523,000. More than two out of every five people (40%) on this planet now have an internet connection, whether they access it using their smartphones or their computers and tablets.

And what does this enormously huge number of people do over the internet, one might want to know?

This latest infographic shared by TechSpartan shows what the world did every 60 seconds over the internet in the year 2014. To highlight how the usage of internet and the interaction over the social space has evolved during the last twelve months, they have also stated the relevant figures from the previous year. This is what the world did over the internet every sixty seconds during the year 2013:

Internet Minute in 2014 Internet Minute in 2013
    • 4.19 million Google searches
    • 127,013,889 emails sent
    • 600,000 Facebook logins
    • 306 hours of video content uploaded on YouTube
    • 433,000 Tweets sent
    • 67,000 Instagram pictures uploaded
    • 80,000 Amazon sales made
    • 50,200 iOS apps downloaded
    • 3,400 Pins added
    • 450 vines uploaded
    • 14 Spotify songs added

  • 4.11 million Google searches
  • 127,013,889 emails sent
  • 461,805 Facebook logins
  • 103 hours of videos  uploaded on YouTube
  • 347,000 Tweets sent
  • 38,000 Instagram pictures uploaded
  • 66,200 Amazon sales made
  • 37,000 iOS apps downloaded
  • 2,700 Pins added
  • 360 vines uploaded
  • 9 Spotify songs added

Changes Seen In Internet Usage over the 2013-14 Period

With an 11.6% increase in the number of people connected to the internet during the course of a year, the most notable changes were:

  • A whopping 197% increase in the YouTube content being uploaded (103 hours of content every minute in 2013 to 306 hours in 2014)
  • 76% increase in the photos being uploaded on Instagram (38,000 per minute in 2013 to 67,000 in 2014)
  • 56% increase in the songs being added to Spotify (up from 9 per minute in 2103 to 14 in 2014)
  • 35% increase in Apple apps being downloaded (37,000 per minute in 2013 to 50,200 in 2014)

Video content is becoming increasingly important- and that has not gone unnoticed by leading brand owners and content marketers. Everyone who wants to be seen or noticed online or over the social media has now become a content creator and curator in his/her own right- with the number speaking for themselves, do we need more proof?

Content is the king, goes the cliché but the manner in which this content will be dished out to surfers over the internet has undergone a sea change. Pictures and video content is becoming more popular and thus getting preferred by marketers and publishers.

The increase in the number of Apple apps being downloaded every minute also points to the increasing adoption of smartphones across the world.

I personally would have wanted to know how much the data consumed by an average internet user has changed over the last year.

You can check the full infographic published by TechSpartan here.

What, according to you, is the most noticeable change and what has taken you by surprise?

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