Yu Yureka Sale Was A Cruel Joke Played On Consumers!


[Updated: 15th Jan 2015 – See end of the post

Micromax Yu Yureka Sale concluded today – and from what I can gather, the sale turned out to be a cruel joke played on interested buyers – nearly 3,00,000 of them who had registered for it!

And let me tell you, I am not one of the disgruntled one, who was not able to buy. I was in fact able to make the purchase for Yu Yureka phone for advertised price of Rs. 8,999. It was a tough ordeal, but I was successful in the end. However, most of them were not!

Let me explain my experience before we talk about what many others faced. The sale probably started a few seconds earlier as I refreshed the actual buy page about 2 seconds before the start time and I had the magic “Buy Now” staring at me. I clicked on it and Yureka was promptly added to my cart – The message said “You have 15 minutes to complete the transaction”.

While adding Yureka to cart was a breeze, choosing the address, choosing the payment mode and finally placing the order was not. First Amazon site went down multiple times with 503 error page. After numerous refreshes when it came back up, the page froze at every step and the page just kept loading. As the Yureka was already in my cart, I could close and start over again, but every time, it was same issue – I tried atleast 10 times, and finally when I had less than a minute to complete the transaction, I could go through all 3 steps successfully!


Interestingly all through the process, the price shown was 12,499/- but on the final “Place Your Order” page they applied the Rs. 3,500 promotion, which bought down the price to Rs. 8,999/-.

Why Yu Yureka Flash sale was a Farce?

Micromax has said that 10,000 Yureka phones were available for sale – but it seems that was not the case. According to a blog post (Via) written by Abhay Rana, there were only 3000 phones that were available. He found out using their deal API status that can be found out through third party sites. Here is what he has mentioned.

The way deals work on amazon is once you are on a deal page, the client keeps checking the deal status every few seconds so as to let you know as soon as its status changes. This deal status response does not only include the deal status code (say EXPIRED/SOLDOUT/AVAILABLE), but also includes the deal’s nitty details.

These details include:

  • totalCouponCount: 3000
  • claimedCouponCount: 2657
  • percentClaimed: 88
  • title: Yureka
  • dealPrice: 8999
  • currentPrice: 12999

What is even more interesting is that only 2657 phones were sold out of 3000 available according to the deal status shown above. The Yu Yureka page also confirms this – we checked the page late in the evening and it clearly showed that 88% people claimed the deal. Here is the screenshot!

Amazon.in deal unclaimed

Bottom line is – At Rs. 8999/- only 3000 phones were available. 

But there is more – many users had to pay the normal price of Rs. 12,499/- to get the phone, They could not avail the promotional price of Rs. 8,999 which was advertised by Micromax all through out. Micromax had never mentioned that Yureka will be available for Rs. 12,499.

Many users spoke to customer support and here is what the customer support had to say.

One scenario could have been that only 3000 were available at discounted rate, while other 7000 were available at Rs. 12,499.

Whatever the case, Micromax (and probably Amazon) played a cruel joke on interested users and it is not acceptable!


Amazon.in has said that the price of Rs. 12,499 which some saw was a technical glitch that they had encountered. It seems that people who bought the phones at Rs. 12,499 will get reduced price, athe update says, they are actively working to address the issue for impacted customers.
They also posted an update on Twitter in regards to same. Here is the update

  1. shikha says

    the after sale service is damn bad. i called for way bill no of my fon to the customer care dey keep on speaking dat the issue will be resolved but over 2 months have passed and i have spent rs 600 till now on calling customer care. no gains. very disappointed. will not suggest anyone to buy it. battry damn bad. overheating like it will burst near ear nd kill u. i wish to move to court for my fon . dey r not returning

  2. spark says

    Don’t buy Yu phones, there are no service centers and they have told they won’t open in future also, If any problem comes then the phone is going to be a dead brick

  3. sridhar says

    dont buy this mobile .it will hurt your expectations.i am facing 4 main problems.
    1.charging takes 8 hours to full
    2.discharges the battery with in 5 hours(android os and android system takes lot of battery)
    3.heating (at the time of charging,playing games)
    4.get switched off when on office wi-fi

  4. siddharth says

    is delivery of yu yuyeka is possible in varanasi???

  5. sorabh says

    this people just fooling the customer thinking it that the cust need to buy phone and thus increasing the amount 8999 to 12500 this is not acceptable by the amazon

  6. satyaki das says
  7. rajeev says

    does yureka sale have cod on purchase?????

  8. satyaki das says

    best smartphone under 10k just priced at rs 8,999 with customization by cyanogenmod superb camera quality one should definetely grab it..

  9. satyaki das says

    best smartphone under 10k just priced at rs 8,999 with customization by cyanogenmod superb camera quality one should definetely grab it

  10. sanjay v. singh says

    i want to buy yureka 8999 pls send me details

  11. kamlesh Kumar says

    mst hai phone …sare all function hai

  12. Rajarajan says

    I tried more than 3 weeks, bt I can’t order it, I think they find the way to get money, they create pages and apps for their company profit through Internet. They make us pay attention to that product and make us money for every Thursday. If they think consumer maintanence are the main means they don’t do like this , they thought our Indian people as idiots that’s why they thing it as money mindedminded. We will show them they are the idiots who doesn’t know their marketing of the products like one plus, xiome, etc are local registard mobile BT that that types of mobile are not categoury

    1. Naveen Tyagi says

      How they are making money if you are not able to buy it. Me and my family have bought 3 in last 5 sales. Its wonderful phone. I got none in first sale. one in second sale. one in third sale. zero in 4th sale. and again one in 5th sale.

  13. satyaki das says

    coolest smartphone priced just at rs 8,999 with customization of cyanogenmod operating system and with amazing camera quality just too good one should definetely grab it

  14. jayehsh says


  15. Bhavesh Mehta says

    I could successfully add it at 02.01PM and went on to make payment, After the payment gateway,
    it showed as error 503, and upon refreshing, the pending order status was not giving any clue. But it still showed as available, so I went on and made payment one more time. This time though the amount was instead of 8999 it was 12499 and which I did not see, as it was on the last screen of the payment.
    Now, my both payments were debited, and I got one order with 8999 and another 2nd order with 12499

    Here comes the worst part, they showed dispatch in both the cases, and then the 8999 value was shown as undeliverable to my address, refund initiated, and the 12499 got delivered to my (undeliverable) same address..

    Now I am not getting any kind of feed back, and I have initiated action through Consumer Forum and will sue them if they don’t refund 12499 instead of 8999

    1. kumar says

      Just send a legal notice and approach consumer court you will the phone with the penalty for the mental agony caused to you by them..

  16. sudarshan says

    some point to notice.
    1. amazon seems no testing team with them ( job seekers apply pls.) after years of business, site downs for payments and wrong pricing, a big shame.
    2. micromax does not have enough money to buy even 10000 phones (or free bee cases) for its first prestigious sale..( guys any ideas of donation ?)
    3. there are lot of fools among us who celebrates all fools day every Tuesday at 2pm. ( many people call this phenomena as flash sale on flipkart and amazon.. :) ).

  17. N.H.MALIK says

    First thing about yureka is that micromax does not provide any after sales service to his customers. its the sole responsibility of YU TELEVENTURES. there is no service centre of yureka at that time. CHEAP BRAND WILL NOT BECOME SONY OR SAMSUNG. BLOODY IDIOTS.

  18. Kamal says

    I ordered it successfully @8999/- I have done the payment and also got the confirmation email from Amazon.in. At 9:30 PM I got an email from Amazon that the Product will be shipped and you will get it between 16-19th of Jan. then Amazon shown its real Face, I again got an email at approx 11:30 PM that my order has been cancelled and your payment have been refunded. Its ridiculous. Amazon is no better than Flipkart.

  19. mahesh says

    Hey Guys…. just chill down…those r the stunt just 2 grab the headline n news.they have fooled all of us . Just wondering had really a single piece was on stoke for sale…….I doubt it.

  20. mk says

    exactly same happened with me! :O

  21. Dr Vijay says

    AMAZON is a rip-off company, same thing happened to my over 100 friends
    You click for add to cart- for rs 8999 and the invoice turns out to be 12499.
    then 503 error!
    I would like to know, did anyone buy this YU YUREKA CRAP?

    1. nirmal says

      I just buyed a yureka in second sale
      The price after adding to cart was 12999 but at last when placing the order the price became 8999 so don’t worry.
      After seeing 12999 i was going to cancel the order
      But thought that as I am using cod so will pay only 8999 when the dilevery man comes.

  22. Swaminath says

    hey your just waste the time of our and your saying were sorry. 99% people complaint that the buy option is not there in the website and add cart how can you say the d stock as been out d stock then why you have conduct sale on tue 13 2pm if no one get…See More
    Like · Reply · 1 · 11 hrs

    YU The price of Yureka is Rs 8999. That was an error on Amazon and they are rectifying it.

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  24. Dr Ranjan Biswas says

    Some say grapes are sour, some say excellent…,whatever it may be,though i could not grip it i was relaxed,cause today or tomorrow everything will be available in a easier way.But one thing is clear the process is much tedious then xioami`s process.I was not much keen as i was planning for a full HD in near future.One thing we should not forget “followers are more precious then God”.

  25. bhar a.k.a deadflux says

    alright. shut up! the cost of the phone is 8999 INR. I’ve got it confirmed by YU themselves on facebook. they said it was clearly the fault at amazon’s end and they rectified it later. which concludes no matter what the price was displayed to some users, it was gonna be 9000 INR. -_-

  26. Aman says

    the same thing happens to me .they are fucking peace of shit

  27. Gaurav Jain says

    My yureka is on the way.

  28. Girish A says

    I also believe there would less number of units on sale i.e. 3000 instead of 10000. I believe this is because they did not want to give free leather cover to 10000 buyers. As the Zauba.com import data shows, they only had 3000 leather covers through imports till 9th January. This might update in a day or two as Zauba updates figures after 3 days of actual import.

  29. sonesh singh says

    has anyone bought yureka in bihar bcuse i hav
    successfully added in my cart but unable to place order
    bcause amazon is not taking any pincode from bihar
    state. plz reply on my email [email protected]

  30. divyesh upadhyay says

    i successfully place the order , and amazon send email confirming it ,but today they just cancel my order, and yes the cash on delivery option was there

  31. satya says

    At 2 p.m. the when I refreshed the status was WAITLIST FULL but when I refreshed after 15min. ADD TO CART button was enabled but the price was Rs. 12000.00 By the time I tried to figure out what the hell was going on….. the deal slipped off….leaving me too annoyed.
    Later when I talked to customer service then said it was PRICING ERROR and willn’t be repeated in next sale…..just imagine how I felt at this.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Satya, Its just not you…Thousands of them had exact same problem…

  32. jp says

    grapes are sour ..those who are not able to buy this are crying foul. there is no cheating

  33. Chandrakant says

    Do they provide cash on delivery option ??
    please reply it will be really helpful for me !

  34. praveen says

    Rahul sharma(owner of mmx) is a big time ch****a.. if he knew his competency was limited to only 10000 units den why he allowed 3 lakh registrations. He cld hv imported more units but he didnt…. bloody morons

  35. Madhur says

    Does yu yureka have cash on Delivery payment option???? Please reply must……………..

  36. Asif Ismail says

    I was waiting for the phone since dec 19th,fell for its specs and OS at its price and for free leather case.i neglected 2 redmi 4g sale in order to buy yureka,atlast finally they have beautifully cheated the customers…and ihave ordered for redmi 4g yesterday…my experience with flipkart is good..

    stop buying products from micromax,i wont even consider micromax if they give for free

    fuck you YU

    1. Shiv Das says

      The Doorstep Service is total hogwash and is cunningly advertised with the new brand to just sell the new device. Here the new brand YU is being only pitched as a different brand, but the ugly truth is, YU after sales service (doorstep delivery) will be only provided by the same Micromax service team with just diffrent paperworks with YU logo mentioned everywhere.

      We all know that how pathetic is Micromax After Sales Service and how disgusted are the customers with Micromax Service Centers. Just to wipe out that bad impression, YU is promising the doorstep service. But have they promised, that if a faulty device will be serviced within a stipulated time frame ? No ! They will do the same thing what Micromax have been doing till date. I reckon, it will be more worst than that.?

  37. Raman Grover says

    I had this phone in my cart. In my allotted time of 15 minutes I tried everything to make payments like different browsers different ISP’s but of no avail. There site was down and they took my phone of my Cart. Now they are telling me that it was my responsibility to make the payment within 15 minutes time. They are not even ready to reserve a phone for me as a regret to there incompetence . They are telling me that its my fault and I should try again. I have even got video proof of went went wrong was on there part

  38. Hemant Rajput says

    Those jurks what are they thinking I terribly want that phone because I don’t have any smart phone
    And they have played there trick on customers like me . Amazon is no different from flipkart these two bloody e commerce websites. If there server can’t handle this than why the hell they do this
    And what’s the point of giving only 10000 unit which are not complete between 300000 registration that make no sense can’t even they made more handset between 25th December and 12 January because they knew this count on December 25

  39. amit says

    only 3000 unit available for 8999/- rest for 12499/-. so micromax able to sold only 3000 unit. no stupid can buy this for 12499/-

  40. Shasan says

    Nice article, I was one of their targets.

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