OnePlus One Launches Exclusively On Amazon India


Indian tech freaks and gadget lovers who have been waiting to buy the much loved OnePlus One ever since it was launched in June this year will soon be able to buy it online!

OnePlus One Amazon

The first device to be rolled out by the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus, shortly after Pete Lau founded the company in December 2013, hit the headlines soon after its launch- it had the most killer features one could look for in a smartphone, a brilliant display on a fairly sized screen, great CPU & RAM coupled with a good camera and yet cost a fraction of what other similar smartphones in the market do these days!

The 16GB and 64 GB models were made available at $299 and $349 respectively, in two colours- Silk white and Sandstone black.

OnePlus One has been hailed as a unique device in that it offers its users the best of both the worlds- ‘born from a partnership between master software and hardware makers.’

On the software front, it runs on 11S version of CyanogenMod and is based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat initially which can be upgraded to 4.4.4 KitKat over-the-air later.

Talking about hardware, it runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801quad-core processor with 3 GB RAM, has a 5.5 inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) display of 401 ppi, a 6 lens  13 MP f/2.0 Sony camera and replaceable back covers. The front camera is 5MP and distortion free, making it ideal for selfie lovers and those who use their devices for video conferencing purposes. The extra wide 80º viewing angle allows users to capture a much greater area than most other phones in the market and lets their pictures have a much larger distortion free background. The device supports only one micro SIM. The battery life of the OnePlus One is 3100 mAh– which means that it will easily last an entire day or even more.

The set does not have too many drawbacks. The most mentionable ones are that it does not come with an expandable memory- there is no SD card slot, plus the fact that it comes with a non-removable battery. Though the overall build of the device with killer looks is solid, some users have complained of poor call quality. That notwithstanding, the users have been, by and large, satisfied.

The magnesium body of the device measures 152.9 × 75.9 × 8.9 millimeters and its weight is a very comfortable 5.71 ounces or 162 grams.

There is absolutely no denying that this amazing handset is one of the best-value-for-your-money devices in the market at present.

The phone, which could till now be purchased only through an invite, will now be available for sale online- exclusively over Amazon in India. Here is the link for ordering it.

As pointed out by Forbes earlier during the year, the Indian smartphone market is growing by almost 300% every year. And though a majority of buyers go in for cheaper or entry level phones, they like their devices to be feature-rich. Not only that, having a phone they can flaunt is high on Indian buyers’ wish list.

All that makes OnePlus One the ideal phone for Indian market- large screen, good display, an amazing 6 lens 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera, a battery which lasts an entire day- all that packed into ONE device at a price which is a fraction of what other Korean brands and Apple is charging. Could the consumers ask for more?

Though the device is set to be an all out hit with Indian buyers, it will make competition tougher for its other Chinese counterparts- Xiaomi and Huawei, both of which are also offering their feature-rich smartphones at affordable prices. Interestingly, Xiaomi’s RedMi Note costing only about 10k is also launching next week!

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  2. Zeet says

    This is sad..distortion of news please get it right next time or else dnot write..Oneplus have not launch The One in india..not yet..they have not even given a date and you went ahead wrote its launched..even provided a link which is actuly for a contest and for ordering the phone.

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