Intel Wearable Technology Challenge: Submit Ideas & Win Prizes Upto $50,000


What happens when you integrate the Digital into the Physical? Magic happens.

Intel is looking for such magical ideas as the round 4th of it’s Wearable Technology Challenge has just started. If you have any path breaking idea regarding wearable technology, then this is your chance to win prizes upto $50,000!

Here is the video which explains the core thinking behind this contest.


What it’s all about?

Intel has initiated a unique crowd-sourced incubation plan to create the next generation wearable technology enabled gadgets. Code named “Make It Wearable”, Intel is asking residents from few selected countries (India is included) to submit ideas related to creation of such mind blowing wearable gadgets.

Intel Werable Tech

If your idea is selected, then you win cash prize along with an invitation to visit San Francisco and attend the gala event where all the selected ideas would be presented followed by a lavish dinner party. As of now, this event has been scheduled for November 10-11, 2014, which is subjected to change.

Residents of Which Countries Are Eligible To Participate?

The contest is open to residents of the following countries: Argentina,Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec), Colombia,Chile,the People’s Republic of China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the fifty (50) United States (and D.C)

You should be atleast 13 years of age and holding a valid passport to visit USA as well.

What you need to do?

Visit the contest website: , and register yourself. Create a one minute video wherein you shall explain the core idea behind your wearable, computerized gadget and explain how it will benefit the world.

Be very precise about the one minute rule as the judges will only hear you within one minute. Anything shared after that would be ignored. Upload this video to Youtube and share that within your submission at the contest website.

Most interesting and amazing thing: You need not have any technical capability or expertise to implement the idea! All Intel is seeking your idea and the thought regarding the wearable gadget.

One person can submit upto 10 ideas.

How will the ideas judged?

  • Your idea would be judged on the following parameters:
  • Creativity and Originality of the product idea (up to 35 points);
  • Design has mass appeal (up to 35 points);
  • Visionary (up to 20 points) ; and
  • Solves real world problems ( up to 10 points)

In case of tie with any other idea, then the submission with maximum Creativity and Originality of the idea would be given maximum preference.

Here are some finalists from previous rounds, which can give you an idea about the whole contest.

When is the last day to submit idea?

The contest has been divided into several rounds. Currently, Round 4th has started from May 5th, 2014, whose last date is 25th May, 2014. Between 26th May and 1st June, judges and panelists will scan your idea and the selected ideas would be updated here. Round 5th starts form 26th May and ends on June 15th.

In case you have some questions or doubts, you can always checkout the FAQ section of the contest and for full set of rules and regulations, checkout this pdf.

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