80% of Consumers Are Scared Of Wearable Devices Due To Privacy Concerns


Acquity Group which is a part of Accenture Interactive, has revealed in a study that 8 out 10 consumers are extremely worried about privacy invasion, when it comes to wearable devices. The research was conducted on 2000 consumers of wearable devices to study the adaptation levels of such gadgets, and their impact on overall consumer behavior.

However, 50% of those who are concerned about privacy issues are perfectly ok to share their information in exchange of a discount coupon or voucher.

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The study titled “State of the Internet of Things” also revealed that 40% of consumers will never share their information with the gadget provider, no matter what incentives are provided. On the same hand, 9% of them are willing to exchange without any incentives as well.

The biggest percentage of those who were willing to exchange their information for some benefits cover different niches, such as:

  • 28% of respondents are willing to share their life style information
  • 22% can share their workout and fitness goals
  • 22% are willing to share their food habits and food consumption data
  • 19% can exchange their information for better discount on fitness products

The results of the study throw some interesting perspective into the relatively new wearable gadgets market. Some of the biggest names in the tech industry such as Apple, Microsoft and Google are working vigorously to launch their own platform of wearable gadgets.

These tech giants are aware of the success of wearable gadgets such as Nike Fuelband, Jawbone UP and Fitbit Flex and they want to carve their own niche in this space.

Apple’s much acclaimed iWatch will be revealed on September 9th, along with iPhone 6; although the gadget will be released to the public only in 2015.

Microsoft is right now testing their iOS compatible smartwatch, which can be synchronized with Android and Windows OS as well.

Google too has provided us a glimpse of it’s Android based wearable gadgets such as minimalistic smartwatch which can show the most important information for you.

Made in India brand GoQii provides real time fitness consultancy from real coaches, besides providing fitness related information on the go.

It will be interesting to see how these companies counter privacy issues, and instill more confidence in the consumers.

Do you believe that wearable gadgets can invade your privacy? Are you willing to share your information in exchange for goodies? Do share your views by commenting right here!

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