Another First From Amazon; Directly Buy From Twitter With #AmazonCart Hashtag


Amazon has done it again!

This time, its not the drone or same day delivery mania which is gripping the eCommerce world; but direct integration with Twitter.

Targeted for exclusively Twitter users, using this feature, you can directly add items into your Amazon shopping cart without leaving Twitter.

How it works?

Say you are browsing through your Twitter timeline and suddenly a Tweet mentioning an excellent Amazon product appears before you. How can you shop it? The usual method is clicking that Amazon link, and proceed with the shopping.


But with this new feature, all you need to do is reply to that Tweet with hashtag #AmazonCart and you are done. That product will be automatically added to your Amazon shopping cart which you can purchase later as per your convenience.

You will also get an email notification regarding this addition of the product to your shopping cart!

Here is the video which will explain the feature in a detailed way.

Practical Demonstration of this feature

I decided to check out this feature by linking my Amazon and Twitter accounts and using this hashtag.

Step 1: I integrated my Amazon account with Twitter by clicking “Get Started” in this page.


Step 2: Authorize Twitter integration and I am done.


Step 3: I located one Tweet with a mention of a famous Seth Godin book:


Step 4: I replied to this Tweet with the hashtag #AmazonCart


Step 5: Immediately I received a reply from Amazon:


Step 5: I also received an email confirming this:


Step 6: Then I revisited my Amazon shopping cart, and voila! The product was added there:


Very useful service indeed.

As an marketer, I can already visualize how this add-on will help Affiliate Marketers in better promotion and marketing of their products.

Do share your experience of using this new feature by Amazon!

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