16 Weird Things People Are Searching On Google Right Now


Google is the world’s number one search engine, without any doubt. In some countries, Internet is synonymous with Google! For several first time users of Internet, its Google.com which they open for the first time and every activity done by them involves Google.

One of the best things about Google searches is that there are no absolutely no limits to your imagination. Google crawls the entire web, and anything you type in to search will reveal some result or the other. This virtually limitless potential of Google to throw out results has prompted some weird searches as well, which will shock you!

Weird Google Searches

SearchFactory, an Australian marketing firm, has done some research and with the help of “Auto-complete” feature of Google has come up with some weird searches which are happening right now on the search engine. Using some imagination and the actual data provided by Google Keyword tool, they have come up with some weird results.

1) “How to hide a dead body” is being searched over 1000 times on Google.com!

2) “How to get away with murder” has 1900 searches on Google.com.

3) People are searching for methods to use Google, on Google! For example, this search term is being searched over 1000 times on Google.com: “How do I use Google?”

4) “How do I Google something” has 4,400 searches on Google.com. Imagine that… They are google something to find how to Google something!


5) Romantic issues are being searched on Google as well, and especially by girls who have no idea how to ask a guy out. This term has 14,800 searches on Google: “How to ask a guy out”.

6) And heart break remedies are also being searched vigorously on the search engine: “How to mend a broken heart’ has 9,900 searches!

7) Lady Gaga, the popular singer and performer is no doubt very popular on the Internet. But interestingly, people want to see her naked more often. 135,000 people, every month, are searching for “Lady Gaga Naked” on Google.com!

8) And some have doubt whether Lady Gaga is a man or woman. “Is Lady Gaga a Man’ has 18,000 searches every month on Google.

9) There are certain biological questions which no one answers in school. Such queries get diverted on Google, and makes Internet is strange place. Imagine this: “Why do men have nipples” is being searched over 18000 times in a month!

10) Job has never been inspiring for some people. And they vent their anger on search engines. “I hate my job” has 22,000 search queries every month on Google.com

11) And people wish to try out their luck as well. “How to win a lottery” has 40,500 average monthly searches on Google.com


12) People who wish to have affair are again taking Google’s help. “How to have an affair” has 5,400 monthly searches on Google.

13) Those who are married are still trying to figure out the answer. “Why did I get married” has whooping 40,500 searches every month!


14) Santa Clause is still full of mystery it seems. More than 60,000 people every month search “Is Santa Real?”

15) Cat owner really love their cats. They hit Google to find dates for cats.. “Cat dating” has 110 monthly searches on Google.com

16) “How to make my cat love me” has 390 monthly searches on Google.


You can view the infographics created by SearchFactory here.

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