WhatsApp CEO Sets Record Straight, Says Your Private Data Will Never Be Collected Or Shared


Since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook last month, string of theories (some really outrageous) have been splashed around the web.

People have speculated that Facebook will now collect private chat data from WhatsApp and use it for advertising. Some have been of opinion that Facebook messenger will be completely merged with WhatsApp and many more such theories.

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Looks like WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum has had enough of it. In a blog post titles “Setting the record straight”, he has rebuked out all the theories that have been circulating all over the net. Giving his own background, he stressed the importance of how deeply he values the principle of private communication and has stressed the fact that “Respect for users’ privacy is coded into their DNA, we WhatsApp has been built around the goal of knowing as little about you as possible.”

Jan Koum has added that if their acquisition by Facebook meant changing their values and DNA, they would not have ever agreed to it. Even though they are now part of Facebook, they will continue to operate independently and autonomously. Their fundamental values and beliefs will never change.

Here is an excerpt from Jan Koum’s post in regards to their Facebook acquisition that will clear out all the doubts and ambiguity over how WhatsApp plans to operate in future.

If partnering with Facebook meant that we had to change our values, we wouldn’t have done it. Instead, we are forming a partnership that would allow us to continue operating independently and autonomously.

Our fundamental values and beliefs will not change. Our principles will not change. Everything that has made WhatsApp the leader in personal messaging will still be in place. Speculation to the contrary isn’t just baseless and unfounded, it’s irresponsible.

It has the effect of scaring people into thinking we’re suddenly collecting all kinds of new data. That’s just not true, and it’s important to us that you know that.

So, here is question to you all. How many of you believe that WhatsApp will still remain independent 3-4 years down the line? I for one, have my doubts. Facebook is after all a business and additionally answerable to their shareholders.

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