Facebook Messenger On Android Gets Free Calling For Indian Users


Although not officially announced by Facebook, users in Indian who are using Facebook Messenger app on Android OS can now call one another for free!

Users of this messenger application can use this feature by selecting a message thread with a friend. After this, go to the Android menu button, and select the free call option to make the call. You can call any friend added on your contact who has a blue lightening symbol against his/her name. This means that the user is online and available to take your call.

Facebook Calling

We tested out the free call option ourselves before reporting. The call went through without any hitch and the call clarity was actually quite good. We have not tried it on 2G, but on 3G connectivity the call quality was excellent.


After the call is completed, facebook messenger asked for the feedback on the call, and in our view it was pretty much 5 star quality!

Facebook Messenger application was launched in 2011 for Android and iOS platform and provides Instant Messaging service along with voice calling feature which was not introduced in India earlier. Integrated with Facebook’s web-based Chat feature and built on the open MQTT protocol, Messenger lets Facebook users chat with friends both on mobile and on the main website.

In 2012, Facebook made this messenger even easier to use as users in Australia, India, Indonesia, South Africa, and Venezuela can directly start chatting without even opening a Facebook account. All they need to use this app is enter their mobile number and name.

Earlier this month, they made this application available for Windows OS as well.

This makes an interesting development, considering that WhatsApp, which was recently acquired by Facebook for $19 billion is also going to launch their free voice call option pretty soon. This pits Facebook Messenger directly against WhatsApp, thus making the competition watchers go wild with anticipation.

Do give Facebook messenger calling a try, and let us know how do you find it.

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  1. Mohit says

    It is very nice that you first tried out voice calling on Facebook Messenger and then wrote this article..I really like this news as free voice calling will help many people to cut down the cost. Many people spend lot of money in calling….

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