Weekly Wrap-up: Iphone 5 pre-order, Ecommerce Growth, Worldspace Radio & more…


Here is a look at some of the buzzing articles that were published on Trak.in last week.

Weekly Wrap up: National Electronics Policy, Doing Business in India & more…


The deadline for digitization of Cable ended on October 31st and according to Government’s report over 95% people from Metro cities had gone the set-top-box way by 30th October.

There is no doubt that E-Commerce has grown at break neck pace over last 2 years. Reports confirm that and also that Indian online user base has grown by 50% year on year!

Indian Music Industry has come out (once again) strongly against the internet up-loaders of illegal content and have filed an injunction in court, and a lawyer from Kerala has gone ahead and strongly opposed it.

Here is a nice article on how it is important for companies to stand out and stay in shape in current economy. Or they stand to crash and burn as Kingfisher did.

If you spend lot of time on internet doing mundane things, you must look at IFTTT, an awesome tool that will make internet work for you!

iPhone 5 has now become available on Aircel and Airtel websites for pre-order, for which the shipping will start soon. And if you are interested in the dwarfed version of iPad, the iPad-mini, even that is available on ebay for about Rs. 26k.

For all the Worldspace fans, Airtel Digital TV has made 12 channels of Worldspace radio available on their customers at a modest monthly fee.

Social Networking has been replaced by E-Commerce as 2nd most popular activity  for Indian mobile users according to recent Opera State of mobile web report.

India still attracts huge foreign investments, infact, it is the 4th most preferred country in terms of investments worldwide.

Legal online music downloads have taken off in India, especially with Flipkart’s Flyte online music store. Do you think same is possible for online movie downloads as well?

Can you map a brand’s popularity based on number of downloads achieved in Apple’s iTunes app store… ?

Google recently released updated version of its Android Platform – Android 4.2 Jelly Bean – Here is a detail feature list and what it has to offer to its users.

Here is an important announcement by Railway ministry – All passengers of all classes will have to carry valid Identity proof for all the reserved tickets and rule will become effective from December 1st 2012.

Here is a great Siri Alternative on Android – Maluuba – Give it a try, it is just awesome!

In September, National Stock Exchange of India registered highest number of equity trades in the world making it the biggest exchange in terms of equity trades.

Now even Lenovo has got into Mobile fray and has launched 5 android smartphones in India.

Over last couple of weeks, Linked has got a makeover and it is impressive to say the least!

Here is look at Top 10 Indian Business and Technology News.

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