How really secure are we online? [A Cluback– Survey]


Is the internet really secure? Is my money safe? How private are my private details?

As Indians, we are very cautious about our lives, even more cautious about our money. People were skeptical about the internet and the openness it brought with it. But boy, have we welcomed with open arms or have we really welcomed with open arms?

For a developing nation our internet usage statistics are really mind boggling. We have welcomed e-commerce, e-shopping with open e-wallets, and not just commerce but social networking too. Downloading, facebooking, googling are the verbs which are used frequently in our day to day lives.

But the questions I mentioned at the start do bother us, don’t they? Do you feel that your facebook account was probably accessed by someone else? Are there certain settings that have changed on your PC without you changing it? Are online transactions really all that safe?

ClubHack and is here with a survey to understand your doubts regarding internet security, help us by filling out this simple survey. This survey doesn’t ask or record any private data, just simple question that ask you regarding your concerns about internet security.

The survey will take less than 1 minute to fill up, but it would give a great insight on how do we perceive online security and how secure we really are.

If you participate in our survey, we will be send you the report of our findings (if you have shared your email ID, which is optional) and the results of this survey will also be published as soon once we have a good number of sample data collected. – Clubhack Security Survey

[Note: This survey has been designed by Rohit Srivastwa. He is a well-known security evangelist & Founder of ClubHack. He has an expertise in cyber crime and cyber warfare.]

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