Tencent’s Social Messaging Mobile App WeChat launches in India


Tencent, a Chinese Internet company has launched it popular cross-platform mobile Social Messaging App – WeChat – in India. They have collaborated with ibibo (in which they have a minority stake) to bring WeChat in India.


WeChat Mobile app is available on nearly all major Mobile OSes including iOS, Android, Windows mobile as well as Symbian. Globally, WeChat has a community of over 100 million users and growing quite fast.

WeChat could be termed as rich messaging app that supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages. The app also supports group chatting and discovering people in close vicinity according to location data.

There are number of similar competing mobile apps like Whatsapp messenger, Talkbox, Kik, hike, Nimbuzz – however, WeChat offers many features than just a chat, which includes hold-to-talk voice messaging , location / contact sharing and others. We chat also sports features like ‘Shake’ and ‘Drift Bottle’ that allows users from any part of the world to build new connections.

Tencent’s head of International product center said, “WeChat is not just a simple instant messenger mobile app but it is actually a platform that intends to introduce a new communication style where users can connect with each other via interesting push-to talk voice messaging, video call, text and content. Our R&D is also working towards some more innovations for the app like how to use it while you are driving. Additionally we are also working towards India-specific social elements in WeChat, with localized content and functions to develop the local community”

Although, WeChat does have lot of competition, it offers far more features making it an all in one messaging and communication app for mobile users.

WeChat is a free app and can be downloaded on various platforms from here.

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  2. Paritosh Sharma says

    There are so many messaging apps in the market. And the worst is that most app developers are feeling that powerful differentiation would be by adding more and more features.

    I find this approach dumb. A messaging app, should simply allow the users to message, whether over the app or otherwise on normal SMS. That’s it. It should make the experience richer, rather than making it loaded with features and sounding like another messenger, just make it easier for people to communicate.

    Whatsapp started it, but on UI well they fall flat, viber, Jaxtr have all created a flurry but not a true impact. The latest one in the kitty is hike, from the stable of Bharti Softbank, this seems to be a real promising product, which effectively does only what the user simply wants to do with it. Which is keep in touch with contacts through messaging (which is FREE in the real sense of the word).

    A product should be more than just hype and much more than just users coming on it and leaving after a while! >>just my 2 cents :)

  3. Hugo Solu says

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  4. Rashmi Shah says

    nice apps…but how is it better than skype and whatsapp applications?

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