LET ME HEAR AGAIN, An Android App That Helps Deaf To Communicate


A 29 year old Doctor from Kerala realized one crucial fact about deaf people: They can easily understand and comprehend what other deaf people are saying, but have difficulty while communicating with those who can hear.

The sign language which helps deaf and mute people to talk with one another becomes incapable when it comes to communication between other people.

He observed that messaging apps such as WhatsApp and others have become a major tool of communication for the deaf, and started brainstorming tech ideas which can help them even further. The tech enthusiast inside him connected the dots, and he started on his mission to provide a platform for deaf people using which they can communicate with anybody, without any obstacle.

He was not aware of any programming language, but had the vision and the mission clearly infront of him. Refusing to accept any delay, he initiated the development of a new app on the popular Google App Inventor platform, using which any non-technical person can create an app. This tool is being managed and supported by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Let Me Hear Again Android App

He started the work in March this year, and by the August, the app was ready to be released on Google Playstore. MIT community has taken note of the immense benefits this app will provide: cheap, affordable and easy solution for the deaf. In the month of August, this app created by Dr. Sharon was nominated as the App of the Month on MIT’s App Inventor website.

This unique mobile app: Let Me Hear Again, has received encouraging response as of now, with 4.3 average rating on Google Playstore. As per the doctor, more than 100 other doctors and medical professionals have helped him to test the app, make it work wonder.

There are two versions of the app: Free and Paid.

Some of the features of the free version:

  • Supports 71 languages all over the world, including English and Hindi.
  • It supports direct Face to Face chat with other persons, with an easy and smooth interface
  • Users can create instant, visual notes which can be shared with friends and family
  • A unique calling tool is added in the app, which allows deaf person to make and receive calls from anyone. The app will recognize voice in over 71 languages, and then allow the user to call back using words – the user can type a text, which would be converted into voice at the other end when the call is placed

The paid version, which costs Rs 50 adds several more features such as loud and vibrating alarm, colorful themes and more.

Here is a video which details more benefits of using this app.

You can down load the free version here and paid version here.

Technology is a great catalyst, a tool which can change the world if optimally utilized by visionaries and those with a mission. This application is a perfect example of that.

If you know someone who can use this app to improve their lives, don’t wait. Share it with them.

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