Meucci App Offers Free International/Local Calls To Landline/Mobile; Call Recipient Doesn’t Need Even the App


Meucci Free Calls

A new app called Meucci is attempting to disrupt telecom industry worldwide. Besides offering free international and local calls, Meucci has a distinct feature which allows its users to make calls at the rate of local calls tariff.

And the most interesting aspect is that, the recipient need not have Meucci app installed.


About Meucci

The company has been named after Antonio Meucci, the person who is known for inventing the modern telecommunication system. As per various sources, as he was unable to patent his invention, Alexander Bell took the credit of inventing telephone.

As per records, owners of the domain: are based out in Scottsdale, Arizona (USA).

Besides this, the website informs us that Meucci is a team with ‘big ideas’; and they have somehow figured out a system to make calls free of charge, using their app.

How Free Calls Work?

Meucci is a hybrid of VoIP and GSM technology, which enables their users to make free local and international calls to mobiles and landline. Besides individual calls, the users can also make group calls.

As per the website, Meucci works like a mediator between the caller and the recipient. They connect the two devices, using existing GSM technology, and VoIP; and the system is such that even if the recipient doesn’t have Meucci installed, the call would get through in a ‘landline type clarity’.

The call charges for international and national calls to landline and mobile shall be determined by the local calls tariff of the user.

Meucci Is Not Required For Receiving Free Calls?

One of the unique features of Meucci app is that, the recipient doesn’t need this app installed for receiving calls. As soon as a Meucci user calls someone without Meucci, the recipient will receive a SMS with a link. As soon as that link is clicked, a connection is established, and the call is connected.

Besides, as per the FAQ section of the website, there won’t be any advertisement and the app would be free forever.

Meucci is certainly not the first app to offer free International calls on both mobile and landline; but certainly first among those which doesn’t require the end user to install the app in order to receive free calls.

Is Meucci Legal?

Prima Facie it is not – because VOIP calls that terminate on local PSTN lines or mobile networks are not allowed by the Government. While many countries allow VOIP calls, in India it is still not legalized. We tried making calls on Meucci and they seem to be working, however, I am not sure how long it will stay.

You can download this app for Android here and Apple Store here. Do let us know how was your experience!

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