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Moving to big cities, sure come with a lot of problems, but finding a decent accommodation tops that list. With the student population being the highest immigrant population, not all of us have good experiences. ‘Internal Migration for Education and Employment among Youth in India’, a research paper, shows that in the last 10 years a total of 37 lakh students between the age of 15 and 32 migrated within India on account of education and 1crore in search of jobs.

Issues such as getting along, finding the right location near work/college are always addressed with either “swim with the tide” or “grin and bear it”.

But you don’t have to do both for we have a new networking app that will help you find your desired flat mates and best location. Say hello to “Flatchat”. Available in big cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai etc, Flatchat app will set you up with the best available options. Now you don’t have to ring your cousin’s friend’s brother’s second best friend or you don’t have to take tiring yet unbearable auto rides to different places to settle on.

FlatChat App

Signup with Flatchat, feed in your details, be it a person looking for flat or for sharing the flat, give your location and other important details including contacts. Looking to move or looking to share the apartment, you can chat with your prospective people to understand the requirements.

“What we have seen over the past one and half years is that finding flatmates and shared places is still a very huge problem especially in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Currently people rely on Facebook Groups to find shared places and flatmates. And that’s what lead to the birth of Flatchat,” said Gaurav Munjal, founder of Flat.to, makers of Flatchat.

Also Flatchat provides a personal assistant to help you look for your desired flats. This one point of contact is what the Flatchatters call “Flatchat Assistant or FA”. The FA will personally go about looking for apartments that fit your taste. Flatchat will also dedicate it’s team to finding the right place for you by calling up different owners and you will be informed about the new prospects who you can chat on with your Flatchat app to seal the deal.

Finding a place to stay without brokers and the broker’s commission is a huge relief for all those who can’t take the long hiatus and furnished lies of brokers. Flat.to, the official webpage of Flatchat can help you with the list of PGs and hostels. Available in 8 cities like Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kota, Chennai, Pune etc, has been doing really well that Commonfloor acquired it in early 2014. A highly successful venture founded by Gaurav Munjal and Aakrit Vaish in 2013 in Mumbai recently shifted its office to Bangalore.

The acquisition by Commonfloor.com, an online real estate company, also makes finding accommodation and finding property available under one roof. In this win-win deal, both Flatchat and Commonfloor.com stand to benefit equally. Post the acquisition, now you can also view your desired apartment without having to visit it.

Funded by Tiger Global and Accel partners, Commonfloor.com is leading in the online real-estate space,“I would love to see that in six to eight months time when students start working and when they plan to buy a property, they should find it all under the same brand. In terms of impact, Flat.to plans to reach out to a million users by this year end and we’ll use CommonFloor resources in cities where we’re not present yet. We are completely mobile optimized now. Our main focus will stay on growing exponentially and add more services and to become the student brand for accommodation in India.”, said Gaurav Munjal, founder of Flat.to and Flatchat. Sure, we don’t doubt the either Mr Gaurav!

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  1. Preeti says

    From My Experience, I would also also recommend FlatMate.in Mobile App. This app is helpful for young professionals to find roommate of their choice. User can filter out requirement based on Gender/Eating habits/Drinking Habits/Lifestyle. The Good thing of this app is to easy to use interface.

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