Weekly Wrap-up: Misleading Telecom Tariffs, Top Incubation centers, VOIP approval & more…


Here is a quick wrap-up of some of the popular posts that we published on trak.in last week.

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Have you been through annual reports of companies – I am sure you have if you have bought any equity shares. Most of them are dull, but here are some Indian companies who have made their annual reports innovative and appealing!

Deal / Discounts sites are great, they do offer great savings for the customer and bring footfalls to the business. However, there is a big drawback of these site, they promote brand dis-loyalty as well!

If you are a small business and want to open up your ecommerce store, Infibeam’s Buildabazaar.com may be your answer.

Railway minister has promised to make Indian Railways more safer and first step has been take. Indian Railways will be getting real time GPS train tracking system on Google Maps.

TRAI has come up with yet another directive, where it has taken steps to prevent telecom operators from publishing tariff advertisement that would mislead the consumers.

If you are a startup or an entrepreneur, this list would be of interest to you – The top 5 startup incubation centers in India.

Although, most of the netizens hate Internet explorer, they have earned brownie points on how they are trying to project their new browser!

This is probably the biggest news to come out in last week in telecom sector – Government has given a nod to Telecom Operators to offer full voip services to consumers.

Here is a look at Funding, Mergers & Acquisition deals happened in India in the previous week!

If you are a professional starting out in Social Media, here is a guide in what you should and should not do on networking platforms.

Android has been growing at a great pace for past 2-3 years, but 2012 may be the break-out year for it given the adoption rates and lowering prices of android smartphone.

Salaries of Indian senior executives is not only par with its global peers, but is the best in Asia as per a recent survey.

Did you know that Goa has 5 times per capita income as compared to Bihar? Here is a look at per capita income of all Indian states.

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