Full VOIP services approved by Indian Telecom Panel!


Better late than never! The much need Voice over Internet (VOIP) services have been approved by the Indian Telecom Commission and will be released in National Telecom Policy 2012 as per Mint, who have reviewed an internal DoT memo in regards to this.

Currently, in India, Voice over internet is only allowed in a restricted manner, where a user can either make calls from his computer outside India or receive calls on his/her Computer. Internet calls cannot be terminated on a landline or a mobile phone with some exceptions.

how VOIP Works



Globally, VOIP is a norm and Telecom Operators have benefitted from it a lot. Launch of VOIP in India has been a talking point for number of years now, and finally it will be implemented as per the new National Telecom Policy.

Once the VOIP services are implemented, mobile or landlines users can make calls from normal telephones over the internet to another telephone in India or abroad. With VOIP, the voice call rates, especially international, are expected to drop further. Given that local mobile or landline calls are already quite cheap in India, those rates may not see much of a change.

In the previous BWA Spectrum auction, Infotel, now a Reliance company was the only one who bagged the Pan-India license and they will benefit the most with this move. Reliance can now easily use Internet as their backbone for carrying the voice call traffic through-out India as well as abroad.

This move will also help lot of internet companies who offer voice & data services (although, they will need to tie-up with licensed telecom operators to offer those services)

Overall, VOIP approval will help Indian users as well as Telecom Operators tremendously in bringing down the cost!

  1. Nikunj R Rudani says

    what is voip business future in india? in which direction it would be? what to do if I want to establish?

  2. Nishit Thaker says

    We are offering DID Number to your mobile / Landing , Run your domestic INternationational call center from one platorm

    1. Lionel says

      Let me know if we can work where we share numbers. I want to use India numbers in SA and you can use some of my numbers in India

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  4. Ahmed Khatib says

    Hello I want to buy VoIP service for the work program for Palestine How can you help me do that? What special offers and features available to you Thanks

  5. Anish Parackal Joseph says

    Is there any equipment available for using VOIP in India.

  6. Rajeev Pandey says


  7. Rohit Srivastwa says

    does that mean VoIP & PSTN can be connected now?

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