BSNL Launches VVoB [Voice & Video over Broadband]


Before you say “what’s the big deal about it”, here is the thing – VVoB does not require you to have a computer or a 3G mobile phone. You can do it from a normal landline as long as you have a Video phone!

BSNL has been trying to bring about a change in itself for past few months. They were one of the first to launch IPTV & 3G services and very recently launched prepaid Cash card called “Trust Card”. Now, with VVoB they are trying to cater to different market segment.

BSNL VVoB service

Although, VVoB kind of services are normally used by Business Users, BSNL has come up with reasonable rates which will be quite attractive to not only Business users, but also to individuals.

Even if one uses VVoB services for for Non-Video calls, it will be very cost effective compared to normal Telecom rates.



VVoB Usage Charges

For Non Video calls, the cost comes to only 40 p per minute, while for domestic video calling it is Rs. 2 per minute. International Calls to most common countries like US and UK are about Rs. 1.20/- per minute which makes it attractive to everyone! Check out all the International Calling rates here

How can I use VVoB?

If you are a BSNL Broadband Customer, you can apply for a VVOB phone. If you are not you can apply for both :). The user has to just plug the IP phone with the broadband modem and make Voice / Video calls. There is no need to use a headset or install additional software. [know more about VVoB service]

One thing though – You will not be able to make or receive calls to a Mobile phone or Landline in India. The other person also needs to have an IP phone! BSNL also has launched a dedicated from users can buy various types of IP Phones at cost effective rates.

If you make lot of International Calls, VVoB is probably the most effective solution for you. Let us know what you think about BSNL VVoB service.

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    Nice writeup, although details such as pricing, availability etc about the VVoB devices would have completed the article.

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