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Did you happen to see today’s full Page Ad in Times of India regarding Infibeam’s ecommerce platform – ? Here it is –

Buildabazaar  was launched by Infibeam last year and can be termed as a readymade ecommerce framework which can enable any small or medium sized business to create an online store. Although, the concept is not new, I think the timing of this ad and Buildabazaar’s marketing of the platform is perfect. It is a time when many small & medium sized businesses in India want to come online. Everyone has woken up to the fact that online commerce is going to be huge going forward in India.

There are number of similar platforms who offer such services in India, the biggest platform being However, infibeam’s brings additional advantages to the stores on their platform because it is tightly integrated with itself.

Once the user registers and creates a store on – Infibeam will promote products from user stores on their platform and also allow the user to sell Infibeam products on their online store. For a business it is a win-win situation where they are benefitted from Infibeam’s traffic & Infrastructure as well. fees’s pricing structure looks quite competitive as well – For very small businesses who have less than 100 products, can actually get the store online completely free. Their Gold account costs Rs. 2500 and allow upto 5000 products. pricing

I think this platform is an excellent initiative by Infibeam –  What this allows Infibeam is not only to get new products on their system, but also creates an additional revenue channel for them. I think if is able to deliver on what it promises, it may get quite popular with small businesses who want to come online. One of the biggest advantages for them being cashing in on popularity of

Give it a spin – let us know what you think..

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  3. Shopnix says

    Hi Arun/ team

    I think there are a lot more providers of “eCommerce out of a box” in India now – including ourselves Shopnix.

    Would be great if you made a more detailed writeup comparing all these solutions.
    We would be more than interested in participating.

  4. Maddy says

    You may want to check out They have great features, good pricing, and offer the free payment gateway setup.

  5. ecommerce website says

    Mart2web is the good ecommerce software solutions.

  6. Rajesh Singh says

    But Buildabazaar does not provide u all the features and it also adds its own product to your website but there is new alternative to them its they provide unlimited product addition and integration to all the payment gateway and apart from that they have superb back-end system for store administration and the cost of running unlimited product store is just Rs. 7000/-

  7. Nikita Saxena says

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  8. Kathiresh Nadar says

    Pricing is very high , people will prefer ebay instead.

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