RCom launches Discounted Online Shop for its Customers!


Reliance has become the latest in the long list of telecom operators & mobile brands who have launched their own online shop, but it is with a small twist. RCom has chosen to call it a “customer delight program”, where they will offering RCom customers with huge discounts on over 15,000 products in 10 different product categories.

The online shop located at http://www.specialprivileges.co.in, is exclusively offered for Reliance mobile customers and to enter the site as customer has to first provide their Reliance mobile numbers. If you put mobile number of any other telecom provider, it does not allow you to go inside (obviously there is a way around to that). special previleges

Like Airtel, who was first among the Indian Telecom Operators to launch a online shop, RCom’s offering is also based on the third party ecommerce platform. While Airtel utilized Infibeam’s Buildabazaar platform, RCom has chosen to go with Martjack, another popular Indian SAAS Ecommerce platform.

RCom Special Privileges Offerings

Although RCom has positioned it as hugely discounted product offerings to its customers, the pricing offered on the site do not look all that attractive or at discounted rates. For example, one of the products featured on the homepage is Nokia Asha 309 and privilege price offering for RCom customers is Rs. 5770/-, whereas, on nearly all other Indian ecommerce sites, the same phone is available for less than Rs 5000/-

Check out the price comparison below:

Price comparison-001

I am not too sure the reason behind launching a “special privileges” website, if you are not even able to offer competitive pricing on the products. This could be a good channel for RCom if they are really able to give attractive prices on products to their customers, otherwise it just does not make any sense for users to buy from RCom’s website.

RCom will have come up with some good discount coupons or offerings which may appeal to the users, or “special privileges” may not be too special to users.

What’s your take?

  1. Anjali Sharma says

    @ Neeraj and Arun…I have just seen the site after going through the review and to my surprise the price on the website for the same product now is 4550.. which is even lesser than wat croma is offering.. As far as I have a knowledge abt the online stores i guess these ppl get products from various merchants and promote them, so definately the prices will be market prices only

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @anjali Yes, I see that as well.. I am glad RCOM have made changes in their prices.. Hopefully they saw our article :). All in all I am happy.. Infact, prices for other products are also marked down, which was not the case couple of days back when I saw it…

      1. Anjali Sharma says

        Good that you had noticed it too… but i dont guess all the products are updated after the comment is been read or may be they have not even seen it..one of my frnd was telling him that he was planning to purchase a tab which was priced very less so may be they were priced less and only a couple of products had some price error or wat so ever.. but all in all i think yes even i am happy as it will be a customer delight to see good prices on the site.

      2. Anjali Sharma says

        And Have a Good Shopping.. BaBye take care…

  2. Neeraj says

    The irony is open market you get it even cheaper than what Croma is charging

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @Neeraj – that is true.. offline prices still work out cheaper than online in most cases… I don’t know what people at RCom thought while coming up with this “Special Previliges” site…

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