Weekly Wrap-up:Social Media Stats, Shemaroo Movies Online, USD 25 Computer & More..


Here is a quick overview of the week gone past by – There was quite a bit of buzz around Social Media especially with the killing of most wanted man on Earth – Osama Bin Laden!

Are you a avid gamer? Do you believe that gaming has always been social? Here are the 3Cs of gaming!

Thousands of passengers have been frustrated by Air India’s Pilot strike – Air India has gone on to become the most rusted brand from being the most trusted one!

We do cover various statistics from time to time – But here a nice single presentation thats put together to showcase Digital, Mobile and Social Media statistics for India.

You want to know how fast the news spreads through Social Media – Read this!

India has developed another Super Computer called SAGA, the 2nd one after EKA. Unfortunately, it does not even figure in the Top 25 list of Supercomputers across the world! – Its a shame!

Here is a look at the latest changes / updates in the Monetary Policy for 2011-12.

The rules of employment and landing a job have changed – Social Media has become a very important aspect of job hunting – and India is at the fore front of this revolution according to the latest report.

Can you imagine that there is a software that can predict traffic jams before they actually happen!

Microsoft seems to have a landed a big win here – Blackberry goes Bing!

Ok, you have to see this phone and predict the cost of it – Sheer joke, I say !

On the other hand, this USD 25 dollar device may be cheapest available computer in the market (and, yes it works too…)

Every Mobile company (except may be Apple), talks about their mobile shipments, but not the actually sales figures of the mobile phone – Here is the story of Mobile phones shipped vs sold!

You are going to increasingly being adopted by other Production houses – Shemaroo puts movies online on Youtube !

And here are the complete Facebook stats – They now have 675 million users worldwide and India is witnessing fastest growth across the world!

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