1. prarit says

    i am a student and earning money by downloading applications so please tell me that which purpose code i can use

  2. Ayan says

    Hey, I’m a student in college. I’ve opened up a new Paypal account for online shopping. I’ve successfully added my Bank A/C and PAN. Now Paypal is asking me for a Purpose Code. Which one should I select?

  3. DSinha says

    I have committed to buy an item from ebay.com and thus have agreed and proceeded to pay via paypal.Accordingly, I have furnished my bank details,debit card details,PAN card number topaypal.The paypal account is verified.But now they are asking me to add bank details.The details which I have alredy entered before, if re-entered is being recognised as existing details.Still they are asking to add bank.Now do I need to add another bank account details of mine? Is this what pertains to Indian code of rules and regulations framed by RBI? Why should I furnish another bank account details when I have alredy furnished the one from which I intend to pay?I just cannot trust them now.Please help me folks.

  4. DrParikshit Mahimkar says

    Hey Arun,
    I’m a Homeopathic doctor based in Mumbai, India and clients/patiens from abroad countries consult me for medical advice/healthcare service and I charge them in foreign currencies. I require a Purpose Code to Receive Int. Payments.
    Kindly let me know the Purpose Code in order to accept payments, based on the above data. Here is my email – [email protected]

  5. dpi says

    //It must be a really frustrating experience for Indian users where people who dole off thousands of crores in scams go scot-free, while hardworking individuals have to to put up with stringent policy that cripple their even – meagre earning !//
    Golden Words. In India every regulations by the authorities, is not concerning the users. Big-shots and corporates need not worry about these regulations. They always have their way to survive and succeed. :(

  6. shyam jos says

    PayPal is becoming a nightmare for Indian users

  7. all buzzy news says

    i am totally disappointed by limit of 500$. I dont understand why they are doing this??

    If it is matter about tax then why dont then deduct TDS on the same? What is meaning of making limit for the same?

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