Half of Indian Internet users use it only through Mobile [Infographic]


Opera, the makers of popular Mobile browser, Opera Mini, have released an infographic which offers quite an interesting insight on “Mobile only” generation.

Did you know that 49% of all Indians who access internet, either never or only infrequently use computers – Mobile is their first or only choice to access to Internet!

Some Interesting Insights about Mobile Indians

  • Do you know what most Indians think should be the fair cost of Internet. It is Rs. 50 per month
  • This is a shame – Only one out of every 20 mobile internet user in India is a Female!
  • Over 65% of Indian users access Mobile Internet to download Music (60% to download videos and 58% for search)
  • Close to 60% of the Indian Mobile Internet users fall in 18-24 yrs age bracket!

India’s Mobile Only Internet Generation [Infographic]

Opera OnDevice Infographic

[Click to see larger image]

  1. […] you know that Half of all Indian internet users access it only through their mobile phones – There use of PC for internet is near non-existent […]

  2. Dean Bubley says

    It’s also pretty inaccurate as far as I can see – according to Google and Internet World Stats, the total Indian Internet user population is about 100m, so whichever way you slice it, there’s nowhere near 49% of them who are mobile-only.

    Estimates I’ve seen suggest there’s about 25m mobile Internet users in India, and from the description above it suggests that 49% of those are mobile-only, with the remainder using both mobile and PCs.

    So the best estimate would be that around 12.5% of Indian Internet users are mobile-only (or “mobile-mostly”), 12.5% are mobile+fixed and 75% are fixed-only.

    There’s lot’s of definitional complexity about words like “frequent” though

    Dean Bubley

  3. ghosh says

    This article is misquoting the original source. It’s 49% of Mobile Interner Users, which is 12.5M Indians, as opposed to 49% of Indians, which is 600M people. SO in fact, the headline should read “1% of Indians only access web through mobile”

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yeah Ghosh, you are right – It is basically a typo in the Title..Will update it . I obviously meant – Half of Indian Internet users !

  4. onesmartclick.in says

    Internet is very huge media used via web platform and todays world is most fascinated by internet.

    Anyways useful information.

    Abhijit kale

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