Indian workforce uses Social Media the most in world for Employment!


Its Jobs galore in India right now – With economy picking up in last few quarters – these are happy times for Job hunters. Infact, according to the survey conducted by Ma Foi Randstad, employees in India show the greatest intent to change jobs in the coming 6 months.

Employee Mobility Index

Employee Mobility Index

Indian Workforce has consistently shown the highest mobility index during all previous four quarters of 2010, and in the first quarter of 2011. This essentially shows that Indian market has witnessed tremendous job vacancies over past year or so.

The survey also mentions that even though India exhibits the highest mobility index, Chinese employees are more confident than their Indian counterparts to secure either a different job or a comparable job over the next six months.

Use of Social Media by Indian Workforce

Indian workforce uses Social Media maximum across the world for finding and preparing for their jobs. It is quite surprising finding, because usage of Social Media remains quite high in countries like US & UK and penetration of Internet is comparatively quite low in India.

Globally, across all the 26 countries surveyed only 29% of the workforce use social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to profile themselves as employees. However, surprisingly in India 78% of the workforce uses these websites to profile themselves.

Employee Social Media Usage

82% of the Indian employees are extremely focused on using the social media and networking websites to enable them to reach their employment goals quicker and more efficiently.

Indian employees not only use Social Media & Networking sites to find job, but majority of them also use it to prepare themselves for a job interview. 87% of them believe that they can understand an organization’s work culture to a large extent through its LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Also, 75% of Indian employees track movements and events of their favorite companies to keep themselves updated.

These findings need to be taken quite seriously by the companies who are planning to recruit talent pool in future. These companies have to ensure that they put across positive and employee friendly policies which will be seen by prospective employees.

Except for a few Indian companies, not many have much of a presence on Social Media sites. If a company intends to “attract the best of the breed”, there is no doubt that they have to monitor Social Media & Networking sites more closely to see what is being talked & said about them.

The survey findings show that 75% of the employees are also quite hesitant to join workplaces, where their co-employees have given negative reviews about the company.

Social Media Usage by City

According to the survey 85% employees in Mumbai and 83% in Delhi feel the most confident towards social media helping them find a job. People at these two cities (Mumbai 79% and Delhi (85%) take the maximum initiative in profiling themselves as an employee on networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

Furthermore, 87% employees in Mumbai feel the strongest towards reaping business benefits from social networking sites. Employees in Mumbai (96%) and Bangalore (97%) are given the maximum access to computer by employers during work.

Download the entire report published by Ma Foi Randstad here for some more interesting insights on Social Media usages by Indian Employees

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