Effective Internal Communication Strategies within an Organization


Internal communication is a bridge that connects the management, its policies and philosophy to the employees, and vice versa. If you are a manager or a business owner looking to implement effective internal communication strategies, let’s see what leading Indian companies are upto and how you can implement these tips in your own internal communication strategy.



Developing a system where employees can suggest ideas

Companies are known to implement reward systems where employees can communicate ideas with the management and if their idea is implemented as a business model, they may receive a share of profits or a fixed sum of money. Such systems of internal communication that form a link between the grass root level employee and the tie-suit clad executive are vital to the success of any company or business.

Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo is the woman who has spearheaded the company’s recent growth and strategies. She is also ranked as one of the world’s most powerful woman. Yet, this lady knows the value of being grounded, utilizing effective internal communication systems and keeping in touch with the roots of an organization – its employees. According to ET, sources in the industry believe that she writes to more than 150,000 employees every year to ask for their suggestions, feedback and more.

Use of screensavers, desktop backgrounds and other idle forms of internal communication

One of the basic aims of effective internal communication is to get the management’s message across to the employees. Whether it is a short ticker about a new policy or the management’s Thank You note to their employees for a terrific year’s work, screensavers, desktop wallpapers, calendars, etc can be a very effective tool. For instance, HSBC uses a Desktop Calendar which is a collection of photographs of staff from all over the world!

The best part about this idle and passive form of internal communication is that the management does not need to direct manpower or spend on resources to send messages to employees. Companies and managers can simply direct their IT teams to send messages to staff members via screensavers or desktop backgrounds.

Make internal communication friendly for the masses of the organisation

"What is the level of sophistication and knowledge of the average employee in the company?" is what managers should think of before they draft any form of internal communication or before developing an internal communication strategy.

While companies may be tempted to communicate to their employees their massive growth figures, profitability and other business jargon, the management should understand that the masses are probably more interested in communication that affects them, directly. This may include things like changes to policies that affect all employees directly, critical changes in company rules that employees are expected to follow, important announcements that affect the entire workforce, etc.

Managers must keep this tip in mind before circulating internal communication because the last thing they want is employees coming up to them and asking for clarification on jargon and issues that are not relevant to their day to day functioning.

Virtual conferences

Virtual conferences are a great way to boost internal communication and get each and every staff member of a business on a level playing field. Staff from different offices can interact with each other. This will boost employee morale and create a sense of belongingness to the company. This strategy was picked up by IBM India more than 5 years back when 20,000 employees logged in to a virtual and online conference to brainstorm ideas. The following year, global IBM CEO Sam Palmisano announced that IBM would launch 10 new businesses on which Chandrasekhar Sripada, VP and HR Head IBM India commented,

"That’s the power of communication, or better still, innovative communication."

  1. Margaret Piecenyana Ndawonde says

    Found this info very enlightening as we're all laerning the right way to communicate with our internal stakeholders.

  2. Margaret Piecenyana Ndawonde says

    Found this info very enlightening as we're all laerning the right way to communicate with our internal stakeholders.

  3. Aruna Mittal says

    Really Nice way to communicate with our colleagues and juniors , proper communication is always required in between team so that effective work can b seen.

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