Indian Smartphone Market Overview – Android to dominate


Globally, Smartphone Market grew 61% in 2011 with total shipment volumes reaching 491.4 million units in 2011, a whopping increase of over 304.7 million units in 2010! Smartphones are replacing features phones at much faster rate than expected, thanks to consistently falling pricing.

In comparison to Global Smartphone Market, growth in India is expected to be even higher – According to “India Smartphone Outlook for 2012” report released by Convergence Catalyst, India will witness 100% growth in 2012, with total smartphone shipments expected to reach 20 million units.

Smartphone Sales in India

Indian Smartphone Vendor Market Share in 2011

It is interesting to note that Nokia’s still leads the Smartphone Market share, however, it has seen a major fall in 2011. Nokia lost about 50% of its market share from 60% at the start of the 2011 to sub 40% by the end of the year.

Smartphone Vendor Marketshare

Samsung on the other hand has witnessed significant growth and has close to 30% of Indian Smartphone market share.

One thing to note is that Indian vendors like Micromax, Lava & others have not been able to replicate the same success in smartphone segment as they did for feature phones.

OS-wise Smartphone market share [2012 Forecast]

According to Convergence Catalyst, Android is expected to capture over half of Indian Smartphone Market Share by end of 2012.

Smartphone OS market Share

Another Mobile OS, Bada, is also expected to gain significantly taking its Indian market share to 10.2%. On the other hand, Nokia is expected to halve to 23.3% in 2012. Blackberry is also expected to slide from 13.3% market share last year to 9.9% by end of this year.

Key Indian Smartphones trends for 2012

    • Emergence of multiple SIM Smartphones – Samsung has already launched Dual-SIM Smartphones such as Galaxy Pro Duos and Wave Y Duos and is expected to launch Dual-SIM capability on it’s more popular lineup such as Galaxy Y and S II. As more India OEMs launch Smartphones, we expect to see more Dual-SIM smartphones in the market through them. We also expect devices that support both GSM and CDMA, especially in high end smartphones.
    • Global players to capitalize their strengths in India – While OEMs such as Nokia and Blackberry have traumatic global challenges, they are expected to continue to be significant in India given their strong brand presence, distribution network and consumer affinity in India.
    • Carriers to continue experimenting with contracts for Smartphones – In 2011, MTS launched a Smartphone (HTC Pulse) on contract for the first time with moderate success. This initiative has opened up the potential for other players and we expect a few other carriers to experiment with this model on an opportunistic basis to improve their competitive edge. [source]
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  6. herbert says

    in India smart phone playing dominate’s having awesome features and it is now in android version.the selling of product reach the more than expectation level,where other brands not reached there expectation.

  7. sukant vinay says

    hi ,

    can anyone help me with citywise/circlewise penetration of smartphones in india ,also is there any statistics about TELCO wise penetration of smartphones in india..?

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  9. Puja Jangir says

    low cost Android Smartphone (< $150) to capture 80% market share in India, China and Africa region.

    1. Deepak Kumar Sharma says

      hi puja

    2. Puja Jangir says

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      what u say about android smartphone marketplace trend in 2012

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  11. Hussain Wazir says

    Nice work Arun, encouraging numbers!
    Would you have the total number of smartphone units (including feature phones if they allow internet access) that are in operation in India since the first ever smartphone handset was sold up to today? I’d be interested to know the total number of units and the breakdown of this total number by manufacturer, e.g., HTC, Nokia etc., and the breakdown of this number by mobile OS, e.g., Android, iOS, etc. Any data on forecasts would also be welcome!
    I have already seen data on quarterly unit sales from quarter to quarter but nowhere can I find the total number of units sold since the first smartphone handset (including feature phones if they allow internet access) was sold to the present day.

  12. Jayanth Kolla says

    Well technically, Nokia is not going to be halve because it's going to drive most of Windows Phone share as well in 2012. Symbian is going to halve its share in 2012 as compared to 2011.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thanks Jayanth for the clarification!

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