Amazon enters India with Product Ads!


Amazon has finally made an official India debut, but don’t raise your hopes in anticipation that you will have the similar product buying experience as its parent – infact, far from it.

Amazon comes to India as, essentially a shopping comparison engine. According to news broken by Rajat Agrawal of BGR and then featured by medianama, labnol & pluggd, Junglee is a product comparison platform that advertises and compares products from different Indian online retailers. Amazon will not be selling anything directly to consumers right now.

Amazon Product Ads

Instead of calling it a shopping comparison site, Amazon terms Junglee as a platform for Amazon Product Ads”. One interesting thing to note is that Amazon’s main India domain is still not directed to, while the platform is hosted on

Amazon Product Ads

From what I can say, when amazon starts selling its own products in India, it will be hosted on, and will remain as a third-party product advertising site. Amazon has taken this route currently due to the fact that Multi-Brand retail FDI is still in limbo, and till the time clarity comes on that front, I guess Amazon will be taking this route. Product & Brand listings

Coming back to, the site clearly states that visitors cannot directly buy from Junglee. It serves as a platform that will display their customer service phone numbers and provide their physical store locations to help buy the products directly from Sellers. Junglee claims to have gone live with over 1.20 crore products and 14k brands from various Indian retailers.

However, it is interesting to note that major Online retailers from India like Flipkart or Infibeam do not have their product listing. Either Amazon has declined to have them on their platform, or these Indian retailers look at amazon as a threat and do not want to help them by bringing on their products. Whatever the reason, we should know it soon enough.

Amazon User Database Integration

One thing is for sure, Amazon is approaching this with a lot of seriousness and  foray is a well thought out strategy. They have already integrated their Amazon user database at So if you are an existing Amazon user comes to Junglee, he/she can use their existing credentials to login.

junglee login

It would be interesting to know readers views Amazon’s India debut with Let us know what you think!

  1. Monu Jan says

    nice article

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  4. buybaa says

    Interesting. We can expect more competition in the eCommerce space

  5. Jai says

    You are too quick.. Awesome…

  6. Pradeep says

    Typo there? “Amazon does sell anything directly right now”

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yes, I corrected it immediately after publishing… Please check and thanks for letting me know..

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