Resigning from Job? 5 tips to walk away gracefully!


Whether you have already put in your resignation letter or you are still thinking of resigning, there are certain unspoken protocols that you should follow if you want to part ways respectfully.

Walking away gracefully is definitely an art that can help you avoiding burning bridges which you may need in the future. Here are 5 great tips to keep in mind when you quit your job.



Work till the very last day

It really doesn’t matter whether you’ve been paid out your final salary or not. You must work until the very last day of your stipulated contract or agreement when you resign.

Not because you want to be Mr. Goody, but because you want to keep things absolutely professional and not leave with a sour taste. 

Don’t pick fights with colleagues on your way out

Picking fights or arguments with work colleagues on your way out is not a respectable way to quit. Even if you’ve hated a certain colleague all the time, make sure you don’t pick your battle on the very last few days of your stay in the job.

Don’t indulge into bad mouthing

Bad mouthing about work colleagues once you’ve handed in your resignation is not only rude, but is also cowardly. Simply because if you were really professional and strong, you would have walked up to the colleague and had a word with him / her when you were incumbent with the organization, ready to face the consequences.

Behave normally and work as usual

It is easy to get carried away during your last days on the job and take things for granted, thinking "I don’t have to deal with the consequences of this anymore. Why worry about it?"

That’s not very professional and it will ruin any further opportunity that may stem up in the future from current colleagues. So make sure you continue behaving and working in the same way that you have been all the time.

Give you employers time to find replacement

Your employer will need to fill your role when you walk out. Give them time to find a replacement and if your job position requires a lot of training, make sure you provide time for the same, too.

It is only reasonable for you to give your employer enough notice before you leave your job. Even if you don’t care about the money you lose by not quitting with the required notice period, give them ample notice and make sure you don’t quit abruptly.

In professional life, you are bound to come across people from your previous companies and you may be required to work with them later in your life – So, its always better to part ways professionally & gracefully.

Do you have any more pointers?

  1. Sidhyesh says

    Great article. I completely agree with these simple tips. There is no point in fretting about your employer. Also its important not to mention anything negative in your resignation letter. I have written an article on How to write a resignation letter. Fellow readers might want to refer it at

  2. Rohit says

    @Kaushambi: Nice article! I have followed same behavior in my last job. You need to be professional and behave in such a way that people always miss you.

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