Do a Barrel Roll – Google Search’s Easter Egg!


Its no secret that I am a big fan of Google and the way they go about launching & evolving their products – they have some bad ones (which are quite rare), but majority of them are quality products that bring about positive changes to how we lead our online lives.

Google Search is obviously the biggest example – and it is for a reason, why “searching on the web” is now increasingly being referred to as “Googling” or “Google it”. The quality of search they offer is leaps and bounds beyond any search engine that exists or probably will ever exist. The reason I say “ever” is, I have really not seen any other company consistently putting efforts in making a better search engine.

Also, Google is not content with just being the biggest and best search engine – They are pushing boundaries, consistently making changes to their algorithms, so that netizens are better served.

Along with improving their products consistently, they are also bringing in “fun quotient” to search. Google Doodle is one example, which not only fun, but also reminds of important events, people & occasions.

Yesterday, netizens seem to have discovered another “fun” element to Google Search – If you want to try it out – Do a Google search for the phrase “do a barrel roll” and you will the entire screen of search page rotate right in front of you. The Social Media sites have been abuzz with this meme since yesterday!

Do a barrell roll

According to reports, Google engineers have planted this, kind of an “easter egg” to show off the capabilities of newly launched CSS3, which allow developers to create web pages that to rotate, skew, and otherwise deform parts of a page (or the whole page), and also animate those changes into an effect such as this ‘barrel roll.’

If you too lazy to actually experience this “barrel roll”, check out this YouTube video that demonstrates it aptly!

Yes, their have been “easter eggs” released earlier by Google, but they are increasingly getting more fun. And if you are on IE you are out of luck. Try it on either Chrome or Firefox and you experience it.

So what do you think of this Google “Do a Barrel Roll” trick? Hopefully, there are more of these hidden somewhere…

  1. drewjosh says

    Just google the word “tilt”. :-)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thanks Drew – did not know about word tilt… Google is really showing the css3 prowess…

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