Top Tech News Today: Wireless Charging In OnePlus 7, Realme 3 Launch, Folding Phones

Realme 3 launch is trending today; What about wireless charging on OnePlus 7?

Top Tech News Today (March 4th, 2019)
Top Tech News Today (March 4th, 2019)

And we are back with the top tech news for today, which are creating ripples all across!

Leading the pack today is the news of Realme 3 launch, which is keenly awaited; whereas fresh images of OnePlus 7 has emerged, which confirms about pop-up selfies camera, and triple rear camera setup.

But, there will be no wireless charging, and this has been confirmed.

Here are the top tech news today:


No Wireless Charging In OnePlus 7

Company CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that there won’t be any wireless charging facility in their next upcoming flagship: OnePlus 7. Pete has stated that the wireless charging platform on OnePlus 7 is still ‘inferior’ to their wired charging tech named Warp Charging. Speed of charging via wireless mode is slower, and the handset will have extra thickness as well. Meanwhile, fresh leaks of OnePlus7 has once again confirmed about the pop-up selfie camera, and 3-camera setup in the rear. Besides, there won’t be any rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, but an in-screen sensor on the front.

Realme 3 Launch

Realme fans are now waiting with bated breath for the launch of the company’s next flagship: Realme 3. Powered with 12nm MediaTek Helio P70 SoC, Realme 3 will be launched today. There will be a dual-camera setup in the rear, and the fingerprint sensor has been placed in the back. We have already reported that Realme 3 Pro will also launch alongside Realme 3, and this has increased the excitement. A new stardust pattern design, and diamond cut case have been the talking points. We will soon share more details about the Realme 3 and Realme 3 Pro launch event.

Samsung Foldable Phone For Apple, Google

News is emerging that Samsung will export their folding phone technology to companies like Apple and Google. As per reports, Samsung has already sent the sample to Google and Apple and these samples are having a screen size of 7.2 inches, which is just 0.1 inches smaller than their Galaxy Fold smartphone.This isn’t much shocking, as Samsung already provides OLED panels for iPhone XS and XS Max; and if they provide the new folding panels for Apple’s folding phone, then it’s quite natural. Samsung is turning out to be the biggest folding smartphone manufacturer, as they are able to produce 2.4 million folding displays per year, which will be scaled to 10 million.

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Enable Bluetooth, WiFi From Google Search?

Android Slices has been designed with some interesting features, and the inclusion of 3rd party apps within Google search is one such feature. Now, as per some users, server-side update for Pixel phone running on Android 9 Pie has been observed with a new feature: Users are able to activate Bluetooth and WiFi right from the Google search app. This can change so many things for the Android ecosystem.

Airpods 2 Will Have Fast Wireless Charging

Airpods 2, the next generation wireless earphones from Apple is again in news. As per new reports, the wireless charging capability of Airpods 2 is blazing fast: Their new Qi charging protocol will charge Airpods 2 in 15 minutes flat. Airpods 2 will be launched on March 29th. However, there is a downside as well.

Tesla Price Cut Angers Chinese Buyers

Tesla has reduced prices on 8 best selling models, and this has angered several Chinese buyers. They are comparing the process of buying a Tesla car with stocks, as the prices keep on fluctuating, frustrating the old buyers. A Weibo user complained: “I received Tesla’s Model X on February 25, and I only drove this car for five days before Tesla announced a price reduction of 174,300 yuan ($25,989.87). I’m probably the most unlucky new buyer … That’s unfair,”

Stay tuned, as we will be back with more tech news, right here!

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