OnePlus Watch Price, Launch: Rebranded Oppo Watch? OnePlus Watch Specs, Availability

OnePlus Watch launch date in India? The upcoming OnePlus Watch has been tipped to release in March. The OnePlus Health App recently leaked a new variant, the OnePlus Watch RX, which is being speculated to come with a round dial apart from a regular OnePlus Watch with a rectangular display. OnePlus Watch and OnePlus Watch RX will both be based on the Oppo Watches.

OnePlus Watch Price, Launch: Rebranded Oppo Watch? OnePlus Watch Specs, Availability

The existence of the OnePlus Watch RX alongside the other wearables has been confirmed in the leak.

The OnePlus Watch and OnePlus Watch RX are expected to be the rebranded versions of the Oppo Watch and Oppo Watch RX respectively. The OnePlus Watch has been found to carry model number W301GB for the global version and W301CN for its Chinese option in a colour variant called Obsidian Black. 

OnePlus Watch Specs: OnePlus Watch Leaks, OnePlus Watch Features

The recently leaked OnePlus Health code data gave out the reference about the OnePlus Watch also included the OnePlus Watch RX title. There has been rumours about OnePlus Watch being a remodelled Oppo Watch (already launched) and a model with a round dial as Oppo Watch RX given the all-new OnePlus Band is exactly a remodelled OnePlus Band.

Oppo Watch debuted in March with 41mm and 46mm rectangular display options.

Some watch faces for the OnePlus Watch models have also surfaced on the APK file. The leaked OnePlus watch faces have a dedicated dark theme, which also hints at an AMOLED display for the upcoming smartwatches.

The company is also said to be working with Google on an improved version of WearOS for the OnePlus Watch, said to be a customised skin of OxygenOS.  OnePlus Watch was previously leaked with a Cyberpunk 2077 edition, which we don’t know whether will launch or not after the game’s recent exit from Sony store.

The OnePlus Watch images were also revealed online on Chinese microblogging website Weibo.

Already leaked on a number of occasions, the OnePlus Watch is in the final stages of development. OnePlus Watch will run on its own OxygenOS For Watch platform and not Google’s Wear OS.

With all smartphone companies joining the smartwatch bandwagon, OnePlus isn’t keeping it far as well. 

The company has been expanding fast into multiple segments, and smartwatch is one of the upcoming categories. OnePlus Watch has already been leaked on multiple occasions, but the recent image leak hints at an imminent launch. The company has already added an array of non-smartphone products in 2020.

Expect that to grow in 2021 with multiple products set to join in the OnePlus brand including affordable phones, watches and IoT products. The company has slowly been moving away from the high-end flagship space to the all-round segment. New OnePlus Nord smartphones are in the pipeline as well apart from the OnePlus 9 series and OnePlus Watch. 

OnePlus Watch Launch: OnePlus Watch Release Date, OnePlus Watch Launch Date

OnePlus Watch launch date is expected to be confirmed soon, may happen sometime in Q1 2021. We may see OnePlus Watch launching alongside the OnePlus 9 series. OnePlus Watch is in final stages of development. OnePlus Watch is said to run on WearOS or a customized skin on top of OxygenOS alongside WearOS. 

OnePlus Watch release date will probably be around soon in Q1 2021. As already said, OnePlus Watch may launch alongside the OnePlus 9 series. OnePlus Watch launch date in India will happen between mid and late-2021.

OnePlus is said to be reportedly working closely with Google on this. OnePlus Watch release date is yet to be confirmed, rumours hint at a timeline of four to eight weeks from now.

OnePlus Watch Price: OnePlus Watch Price In India, OnePlus Watch Launch

The OnePlus Watch price in India will be based on the global pricing. Though the company is known to price the products considerably lower in India than the US or European pricing, the OnePlus Watch price in India may stay around Rs 10,000 or a little higher. 

The company has seen lately focusing on the mid-range segments closely. So, OnePlus Watch price in India is expected to stay around Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.

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