5 reasons we hate technology!


"Bill Gates is a very rich man today… and do you want to know why? The answer is one word: VERSIONs."
– Dave Barry

Now, this rings really true in hindsight, doesn’t it? For a second, imagine how many versions you must have changed in so many years and how much money software giants would have earned off it. One thing that is ubiquitous today that no one really thinks about consciously is technology. Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay and how. We will give you both sides (Love & hate), but this post will talk about why we hate technology!


Here are top 5 reasons why we hate technology and think it has become a necessary evil.


People are social without any substance

This is the pet peeve of most parents across the world today and a prime reason why many people hate technology.

Something which is not meant to be taken on a light note, social networking is really causing havoc in the life of young kids. To be glued on your Smartphone while crossing the road, dating random people you meet online and being busy texting during an ongoing dinner with ‘real’ people around, seem like common instances that we see everywhere these days.

Of course networking is great for business, but give this a thought – if you have 500 friends on Facebook, how many of them will come to your help in your times of need?

Reducing the usage of limbs

More and more efficiency and indispensability in daily life is simply leading to us being stuck to our computers all day. We hate technology because of this very reason that it has lead to a completely sedentary life.

It isn’t uncommon anymore that days pass by without you stepping out of your home and not even getting bored. Taking some time to play a sport, going for a walk, visiting a garden feels like an idyllic thing of the past.

Expectation of being reachable 24×7

Just like power is accompanied by responsibility, with technology comes irritability. One of the top reasons why we hate technology is that it creates an expectation of being reachable 24×7.

There no such thing as ‘switch off’ time. You’re expected to respond to emails, sms and other communication even at 2 in the night. There’s no such thing as ‘I haven’t checked my email yet". We just hate technology when we get untimely beeps on our phones.

Violation of privacy, safety and copyrights

It’s terribly easy to sign up into any internet service and create an account. There is no authenticity process to check if the person behind the account is real or a prankster.

It’s a piece of cake to take a photograph of a person and morph it in whichever hideous way you want. If you thought celebrities were the only ones who hate technology because of this, think again.

Why we hate technology is because an artists’ work put up online can hardly ever be safe; original writing remains under high risk of being blatantly copied and safety for internet banking can also come under scrutiny many times.

Gets obsolete quickly

Although technology is fairly affordable these days, you must make a well considered buying decision. Do you really need all those fancy features on the phone? What are you going to do with an iPad when there’s no wi-fi in public spaces?

Are you buying a product too quickly after its launch? Many people end up hating technology because it becomes obsolete even before one becomes familiar with all its features. And the worst part is that you’ll hardly get any monetary value out of a re-sale.

On top of these above mentioned reasons of why we hate technology, there’s one last reason that can act as the last straw on the camel’s back! However much we’ve prepared for a presentation, charged laptop batteries to its full capacity, got our machines serviced only last month, you can never tell when technology can conk off. And more often than not, it conks off when you need it the most!

Now again, this one side of the coin – There are also many reasons why we love technology and that’s coming up next!

  1. Rohit says

    Yes i do agree with your viewpoints moreover I feel that right from its very inception the dependence has been increasing and we are losing out on the innovation front.

  2. seo charlotte says

    This article is uncovering the dark side behind the technology i am agree with this because sometimes enhancement in technology creates problem there is no security & authentication on internet.

  3. seo charlotte says

    Hi Sometimes enhancement in technology creates problems when we use internet there is no authentication & security on internet.


  4. Dhakkanz says

    Completely agree with this post and all the points mentioned in here. And specially the points 1 and 3.

  5. Prateek Praveen says

    The issues covered are worth considering and i particularly feel that killing the innovation the technology has done a massive damage to our society , but as we all know that everything has a flip side it is extremely important that how we make use of it.

  6. Vic says

    Hi KAUSHAMBI, this is an article with a great opinion. I agree. Technology today has become a tool for invading people’s privacy.
    Versions, this blown my mind. It’s really true. They get rich for that.

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