Buy Kindle Fire & Kindle touch in India through!


Indiaplaza is allowing pre-orders for new range of Kindle’s – Namely Touch & Fire tablet. The new family of Kindles which were announced by Amazon in September are going on sale in November in the US.

Indiaplaza is trying to offer the same priority to Indian customers too. They sent out a mailer to their customers giving details about this – Kindle Fire is available for Rs. 14999. The rest of the family have some attractive prices too. The cheapest Kindle costs Rs. 5999.


Kindle Fire

The most desirable tablet after iPad is available at Rs. 14999 and will probably start shipping in last week of November 2011


Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch with WiFi and sponsored ads is available at Rs. 7499. By far this is the best eReader out there.

Kindle WiFi

This is the cheapest Kindle on the list. It comes with WiFi sans keyboard. This costs Rs. 5999 on Indiaplaza (This costs $79 in the US). That’s clearly double the price of what’s there in India. But hey, you can’t have it all can you?


As per Indiaplaza all the Kindles are eligible for free shipping and will ship in 15 days. If true, this means you might actually get before many customers would get. May be there is some fine print we are missing.

So now do you have a reason not to own a Kindle?

[Hat-Tip: Prateek Gupta]

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  1. Prasanta Singh says

    I will say go for these ainol products. They are really nice and good responsive. I am in japan and still fell good to be having one Ainol Novo 7 Aurora 2. The latest from the same series is Novo 7 flame. Check site here

  2. Dushyant Barfiwala says

    Shop your world took order for my Kindle on 21/06/2012 and after repeated phone calls was informed that it would not be delivered……. The best is to buy from ebay.

  3. Ram says

    Cheapest I saw was from I recently bought from them I got it quickly delivered. I think they have stock in India you can buy kindle in india from

  4. Robinsh says

    I think it’s a must buy tablet of all time not only because it is the best tablet available from the big brand in the low cost but only because of it’s multi functionality and user friendly interface.

  5. Manas Mohanty says

    I want to Buy it hot & where to Buy?

  6. Sathish says

    Non-US people: Don’t buy kindle fire.
    I bought it in US with the hope that it’ll work in all the countries. Its waste. U’ve to be physically located in US to use this device. Also to purchase any music/video/book u’ll need a US credit card and US shipping address. They don’t support Non-US regions. I tried kindle fire in India as well.

  7. Kushal Ashok says

    Shopyourworld is offering Kindle Fire (door step delivery) at Rs. 13,350


    1. Sachin Michu says

      never buy kindle from, it's FAKE
      I have ordered one in january, done payment online, still not recieved it.
      They are fake, never trust them.

  8. Kushal Ashok says

    For Kindle Fire.

    US Cost Price: Rs.9950.
    Indiaplaza: Rs.14999
    Extra charges: Rs.5049.

    My reaction: "Kewl! at least we can get this tablet delivered in India."

    But for Kindle 3G.

    US cost price: Rs.9450.
    Amazon final total(including Shipping+import fee: Rs.3450): Rs.12900.
    Indiaplaza: Rs.13649

    My Reaction: What the fcuk!

    P.S.: Approximate rates considered here.

    1. Ravikumar Lam says

      Hi Kushal, am looking for Kindle 3G pls suggest me to where to buy?

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