This New, Viral Social Network Has Banned Police Officials From Their Portal!

This New, Viral Social Network Has Banned Police Officials From Their Portal!
This New, Viral Social Network Has Banned Police Officials From Their Portal!

As per the trends, many Indian Twitter users are moving towards Mastodon as they were unhappy with the way the micro-blogging site had allegedly censored content, restricted accounts, and didn’t stopped trolling.


What Is Mastodon?

It was founded on October 5, 2016 by Eugen Rochko, also calls itself a “federation” comprising thousands of communities, similar to Reddit and with timelines much like Twitter. 

Similar to any other social network, the users can create profiles, follow other users, post images, messages and videos.

How Is It Different From Twitter?

According to experts, It has that Reddit-like feel with the open-source properties. 

Here User can express themselves in a different way as Mastodon offers a 500-character space for users to express themselves much better than Twitter’s 280-character count.(reference)

Apparently the name of the platform refers to its indescribably large size.

If we talk about Twitter, it is centralised, that means all interactions take place on a single server controlled by one company.

While Mastodon is decentralised, meaning it is a collection of many instances which communicate with each other to form a wider network. 

Its each instances have their own admin with its own policies that’s why it is ‘federated.’

Is It A New Social Media Platform?

No, Mastodon is not new as it has undergone many revisions over the past couple of years, while learning from the masses and by continually developing its infrastructure. 

Although Mastodon 3.0 claims a “safer social media experience” loaded with effective anti-abuse tools to protect yourself and other users from harassment as well as servers with strict codes of conduct.

As per the reports, there are more no of moderators involved in maintaining the platform.

Why Mastodon Labelled As A More Egalitarian Social Network?

In the past days event, Indian users have labelled Mastodon as a more egalitarian social network.

As users have accused Twitter of being inconsistent with its strict policies due to the suspension of SC lawyer Sanjay Hegde’s Twitter account twice for opinion taken out of context.

last week, Mastodon has suspended an account of the Assam Police saying it will “not welcome cops”. Many Indians have confirmed that Mastodon takes reports of abusive content seriously.

The Assam Police said that their account was suspended on grounds that were beyond “rational or logical reasoning”

“One of the moderators of Mastodon Social informed that our account has been suspended following reports from users who didn’t feel ‘safe’ with our presence and that they will not ‘welcome cops on this instance,” . (reference)

Also Mastodon is presented as the paradisaical social media platform free from vitriol, abusive trolling, and targeted advertising.

How To Get A Mastodon Account?

The easiest way is to sign up and join its flagship instance that is to get a feel of the platform.

Its does not have an official app. Interested users can browse Mastodon-compatible apps for Android, iOS, web, desktop and SailfishOS on 

After downloading the app compatible with your phone’s operating system, simply sign up and start browsing the instance of your choice.

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