Weekly Wrap-up: Aakash Tablet, Steve Jobs, Kingfisher LCC Business, Mobile Boarding Passes & more…


Here is a quick wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts of last week that were published on trak.in & TGF.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: BSNL 100 mbps broadband,  Tablet Sales in India, Amazon Kindle Fire & more…

Close to the heels of Indian Railways going mobile with their e-tickets, there may be a pleasant news for air travellers as well, with Flight Boarding Passes scheduled to come on mobile as well.

To bring financial inclusion to people living in rural areas & villages, Indian Government has launched the new Mobile based Kisan Credit Cards. It will have to be seen if it will be successful this time around.

India is gaining as a tourist attraction and now is one of the most visited country by foreign tourists. Here are the Top 5 things that make India a great tourist destination!

If you are reading this, there is a very high chance that you are on Facebook as well. And if you are on Facebook, Do remember these Top 5 Facebook etiquettes you must follow!

Make Money Online is a fad among netizens, especially who are new to internet. To be honest, Make Money Online  is a bubble, and it needs to be busted to ensure that people don’t fall victim to it!

Finally an Indian made Tablet, Notion Ink Adam starts retailing in India. It has appeared on Flipkart nearly a year after it was launched in Western Markets. That’s really sad!

The ultra low cost tablet from MHRD is finally out and it is christened as Aakash – It costs Rs. 2276 and will be available in retail to everyone!

Ecommerce is growing fiercely in India and Social Media sites are seeing huge spending from advertisers with nearly 30% of their marketing budget being earmarked for same!

Check out this brief statistics on how trak.in readers access the blog on their mobile devices!

Apple 4S has been released, but many Apple Fanboys are extremely disappointed – Apple’s iPhone 4S delivers an elephant fart, except for maybe Siri !

Once brand reaches popularity, sometimes Brand arrogance can creep in that may actually bring down the brand from the popularity charts! A shining example of same is Honda vehicles in India!

Kerala Electricity board has set a shining example to other state boards by saving itself over 8 crore rupees by going for open source software solutions.

The biggest news of last week was death of one of the most popular iconic visionary this world has seen – Steve Jobs.. R.I.P

Smartphones have changed the way we function in our daily lives, which also includes Self-Service Usage In The Airline Industry.

There may be a great news in offing for Indian mobile users – Mobile Roaming Charges may become completely free in future.

Last week, Kingfisher made an announcement that it will exit the Low Cost Carrier Business – Here is the probable reason for same.

Do you know that India & China have more affluent people than most European countries and are next only to US

And if you are a Social Media addict, here is infographic that will interest you – Facebook Privacy Vs Google+ Privacy

If you are job hunting, don’t forget to mention these Top 5 things on your resume!

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: BSNL 100 mbps broadband,  Tablet Sales in India, Amazon Kindle Fire & more…

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  1. FreeBizy says

    it is a great deal to buy a aakash tablet in 35$ when it gives a great feature and nice look. i think it will rock the india.

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