Hunting Job online? Here are 5 important things to keep in mind!


Looking for jobs in India is no longer limited to advertisements or postings in your local newspaper. Whether you are a fresh graduate or experienced manager, the chances of you finding a job online in India are probably more than you finding that perfect job from a newspaper.

Before you log on to that career website, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while looking for jobs online in India.

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Keep a job position or description in mind

Here is where the average internet user can go on for hours and hours looking for a job online and still not find what he / she wants. The trick to finding the right job is to keep in mind your niche job position or to narrow down on an exact description.

For example, if you are a commerce graduate, you may want to narrow down your field of liking and your preferred job position whether it is an assistant bookkeeper or an audit assistant. If you simply search for jobs on an online portal keeping the parameters as wide as simply "commerce", be prepared to look for a needle in a haystack.

Start a passive job hunt online

Confused? A passive job hunt is when you put up your profile on a website which gives you leverage in terms of allowing job opportunities to find you, rather than you finding the right job opportunities in India.

Use websites like LinkedIn or Zerply to make a profile which prospective head hunters can find in their searches. As this is a public profile, you’d want to keep it clean and minimal. Be prepared to be patient with this method of finding a job online.

Keep your social networking profiles clean

What are the chances of a prospective employer doing a background check on your Facebook profile if you’ve applied online? The answer is – many!

We suggest you get rid of those utterly embarrassing drunken moments from your social media profiles so that if the recruitment agency does decide to do a quick background check on your Facebook page, they don’t stumble upon a picture of you in a compromising position.

Remember, there is a fine line between posting pictures that show ‘fun’ and ‘enjoyment’ and pictures that cross the line.

You might also want to take a look at the Google search results that come up when you type your own name.

Network well

Just like you need a strong network in real life to be able to find a job, the online world is no different. If you are planning to put your foot in the door by looking for jobs online in India, better start by building up a strong network, whether it is by joining groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, or it is by contacting the right people by email.

Join as many relevant discussions as possible to make yourself heard and noticed on these forums. A great idea is to add professionals you our friend lists and follow their updates. If they are looking to here, you should be the first one to apply!

Develop consistency in your online job hunt

As one can imagine, there are many online job portals in India. We are not asking you to restrict your job search by logging in to a preferred few. By all means, use all available resources and avenues.

However, it’d be a good idea to maintain consistency in your profile and resume on each and every job portal that you use. Let’s consider for a moment that you have a profile with, MonsterIndia and Timesjobs. If you’ve been updating all your developments on but not updating the changes on Timesjobs, that’s not being consistent.

Chances are, that your recruiter may be looking at your profile on both the websites. Why even take the chance of putting him/her off simply because you’ve been slack and haven’t updated one of your profiles on a job portal?

Most people looking for jobs online in India tend to mass-apply to various organisations in generic categories. Just tweaking your resume to a few specific keywords or planning out your applications to make them stand with our tips will make a world of a difference.

Let us know if we have missed out something important here!

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