Top 10 coupons / deal sites in India – Snapdeal reigns supreme!


Deals & Coupons sites have been creating buzz over past 12 to 18 months – Thanks to Groupon’s (rumoured) Billion Dollar valuation, there has been a sudden surge in deals, discounts & group buying sites across the web. In last 2 months alone, I have heard over 5 new similar sites coming up in India alone (and there are many which I have not heard of..).

There are close to about 20 sites which are currently operational in India and probably equal number are coming up in next few months – This space looks completely jam packed.

Sites like, who came in early in this space have cashed in on their first mover advantage. With most sites spending hugely on advertising & marketing even consumers are flocking them in good numbers. According to recent report released by Comscore, close to 10% of all internet users have visited deal sites in month of June 2011, and the numbers are growing.

According to the report, 4.6 million Internet users in India aged 15 and older accessed the Coupons category from a home or work computer, reaching 10.4 percent of the entire online population., which has tripled its audience in the past year, led the category with 1.5 million visitors during the month, followed by with 990,000 visitors and with 952,000 visitors.

Indian Deal Sites Market Share (June 2011)

Deal Sites Market Share

Indian Deal Sites Unique Visitors (June 2011)


Deal Site User Demographics

Male users dominate the deal site userbase – 61.8 percent visitors are males compared to 38.2 percent females. Visitors between the ages of 25-34 accounted for the largest percentage of the Coupon category audience at 43 percent and were 5 percent more likely to access a coupon site compared to an average Internet user!

  1. Priya Nair says

    Seems like coupon/cashback sites are the future for Indian E-Comm, very exciting for websites like Eager to see this model get even more popular!

  2. vega says

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  5. Coupons 2 Claim says

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  6. Dinesh says

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  7. Monotosh says

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  8. Siva says

    Another newcomer, seems to have a good collection of coupons.

  9. vikaspaul says

    Sosasta is now branded as Crazeal

  10. jimmy says

    I find the Crazeal / Snapdeal are the best deals till now. I hv purchase many coupons from and they provide very good service.

  11. Vikash Khetan says

    Arun, I am not sure why likes of Snapdeal are being categorized into Coupon sites. They are more of a deals sites. If you want to list coupon sites, then you have likes of Coupondunia, Couponzguru, Retailmenot and many more.

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  16. ruchi says

    Fake data. Sosasta is renamed as Carzeal. I beg do not give wrong information. There are few sites who do not have business in india. Would have been better if you cud have mentioned timesdeal and rediff deals rather than foreign name who do not even sell in India.

  17. Ankit J says

    I think Snapdeal is best among them as I have found many deal deals at cheaper rate there

  18. Pankaj Preethi says

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  19. nehashah says

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  32. Pankaj Mittal says

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  33. manish says

    Quite an comprehensive list but the figures do vary with other data….and many of them will be closed soon such as ……

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  43. Lalith Jel says

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  44. Sadek says

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  45. Sujata Laal says
  46. letsbuy coupons says

    Good comprehensive list,as per my opinion all of above are best,b’coz all are providing best discounts.Any how awesome article.

  47. Nitin Gaopande says has not a single deal. 8% is from where.

  48. Gurinder Pal Singh says

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  50. Vlad D says

    What's Snapdeal's market share? Only 27%? This article says it's 70% –

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      It is surely not 70% I can tell you that…

    2. Praveen Rajaretnam says

      One thing we know for sure is that due to the recent unsolicited SMS ban by TRAI, traffic to all daily deal & group buying sites have come down drastically among other factors – More here –

  51. Rohit says

    Thanks Manish,
    You made a point.Now its time for deal aggregators and the sites you pointed out is also good.I personally liked,its navigation is very easy.

  52. Manish says

    Nice article! There are so many deal sites out there now and it is really difficult for me to keep track of everything! Recently I’ve come across some integrators of deals like,, etc. They are very useful. Please include those in your post

  53. Hot Deals says

    Good comprehensive list, One more to add in this list

  54. MAnish says

    @arun ?????

  55. Raj says

    LivingSocial haven’t started the race in India, how come it is listed here, how abt taggle which has some decent share..???

  56. Manish says

    Livingsocial and has yet not started any deals for Indian market then how come they are mentioned here ????

    1. Raja Gupta says

      Use the below link to register and get rs.500 worth SnapDeal Cash on first purchase.

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