Ten Technology Trends that will change the world in Ten Years!


We are lucky to be living in this day and age – Technology has positively affected our lives more than any other previous generations.

Cisco’s Dave Evans recently released a presentation called “Ten Technology Trends that will change the world in Ten Years”. It is amazing to see how our lives will change in next 10 years due to technology advancements.

Here are some interesting points from the presentation:

  • There will be 50 Billion connected devices by 2020, which is nearly 7 device for every person on the earth!
  • By 2015, one zettabyte of data will flow over the internet – If one normal cup of coffee is equal to 1 Gigabyte, then 1 zettabyte is equal to great wall of China!
  • By 2020, one third of all data will live on the cloud
  • In 10 years time anyone will broadcast anywhere to anybody on any device!
  • Artificial Brain implants expected by 2030!
  • It is possible to make a conscious computer with super-human intelligence before 2020 (Ian Pearson, head of futurology, BT)

You should check out this entire presentation to understand what our future will look like in 10 years from now!

So, what do you think of our future ?

  1. seo charlotte says

    Hi i am agree with this article this 10 technologies will change world

  2. seo charlotte says

    I am agree with this post as technology will evolve it will reduce human work make save time by replacing all manual work.

  3. Raj Verma says

    Good information.

  4. Sudha Raju says

    Leaders and techies, This is a must watch.

    1. Rahul Patwardhan says

      better title might be "10 technologies that we are betting our money on at CISCO?"

    2. Eric Kuriyan says

      very cool stuff, sudha. the future is here!!

    3. Shubhashree Thekahally says

      Sudha, this sure is something to watch for ….

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