Generation Y Indians Most Technology Oriented compared to Global Peers [survey]


Generation Y or the Millennial‘s or the Young Indians are the most technology oriented people compared to their global peers – This is the finding by Accenture’s survey on global research on Millennials’ use of technology.

If you are not aware, Millenial’s are generally referred as people who are between 15 to 30 years of age !

The Accenture survey has some very interesting finding’s about Young Indians especially their tilt towards use of State-of-Art technology – They are very biased towards open source as well !

Infact, state-of-the-art technology is most important to Millennials in India with three in four considering it to be essential when choosing an employer


How Important is Technology in Employer Selection

technology importance

How many hours during the week do you ACTUALLY spend on the following technologies?

hours on technology

Chinese spent maximum time in using Online real-time communication tools like Instant Messaging and Email. Indian Millennials are also spend considerable amount of time – Close to 6.5 hrs in a week is spent on email, 3.3 hours on Instant messaging, 3.5 hours on mobile text-messaging and 2 hours on social networking sites. Also, most of these hours spent happen to be from home (and not from office).

Broadly speaking, Millennials in China, India, and Brazil lead the world in use of emerging technologies for work purposes, while most European countries and Japan are lagging behind !

Surprisingly Indians do not like to write about themselves online

write openly about themselves

I actually found this quite surprising – Even though Indians are very technology oriented and spend large amount of time online, we write very little about ourselves ! Indians are most discreet of the lot where we never or rarely post information about themselves or friends online, are in India (50 percent), Canada (50
percent), and France (46 percent).

Some other Interesting Findings from the Accenture Report

  • Respondents in India and the Netherlands constitute the most active downloaders of open source technologies, at 61 percent and 77 percent, respectively. As for online applications from free sites, the most active downloaders can be found in
    the Netherlands at 85 percent, Italy at 66 percent, and the United States at 64 percent.
  • Self-display is rampant on Web-powered social networks in some countries, as is the use of such networks to research employers, prospective clients, and colleagues. The most open and casual behavior when writing about themselves and
    friends online is found in China, Japan, and Brazil.
  • Respondents in Italy, China, and India have the most complaints: Between 25
    and 57 percent of Millennials in those countries complain that nine of the 13 surveyed corporate technologies do not meet their expectations.
  • Of all the technologies mentioned, social network sites have the greatest usage unsupported by the employer, with over 40 percent using social networks in nine of the 12 countries.
  • Countries that have the highest technology usage and expectations, such as India and China, use fewer unsanctioned technologies, largely because they receive more employer support of emerging technologies.
  • Rates of using a mobile phone for work are higher in India and China – 91 percent and 88 percent, respectively – than in the United States, at 58 percent.

I can only imagine, the amount of frustration Young Indians must be having – with such heavy inclination towards technology, but such poor online infrastructure available to us…Alas !

  1. Vishal Sanjay says

    This is pretty awesome!! Indians do not get the high speed internet connectivity or the low price broadband, even though we have very low availability of infrastructure we make sure we take the best of it, god knows where this stats may reach once we get all the modern infrastructure.

    1. Madhav Shivpuri says

      More youtube ;-)

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