wow…Govt goes hi-tech! 12th Five Year Plan uses Web & Facebook for citizen Feedback!


I like this – I really like this. The next five year plan will be drafted with inputs and feedback from citizens like you and me – And to get that feedback, Planning Commission has not only setup an interactive website, but also Facebook Page.

This is real and true democracy!


Planning Commission Website

PLanning Commission Website

Most of us crib & discuss about Government inefficiencies all the time – You will find that in majority of such discussions, you have an opinion and sometimes even a solution as to how a particular issue can be resolved. If that’s the case planning commission needs your help.

I will give you an example:- As a small entrepreneur, if you are frustrated with regulatory and legal hassles in starting a business, vent it out (along with possible solution) on the facebook page or discussion forums of Planning Commission’s website specifically meant for this purpose. Who knows, if your solution is feasible it may actually get implemented and help thousands of budding entrepreneurs !

12th Five Year Plan Facebook Page


Message from Planning Commission to citizens of India

The Twelfth Five Year Plan will commence in 2012-13. Before the Plan itself is unveiled, the Planning Commission prepares an Approach Paper which lays out the major targets, the key challenges in meeting them, and the broad approach that must be followed to achieve the stated objectives.

The Approach Paper is approved by the Cabinet and the National Development Council which includes all the Chief Ministers of the States. It provides the architecture which is fleshed out in detail in the Plan itself.

To develop an inclusive and participative approach to the process, the Planning Commission has decided that the Approach Paper will be evolved through a web based consultative process in which all interested persons can participate. We have developed a multi-dimensional strategy matrix which indicates some of the key areas we need to explore.

We invite your comments on any or all of these areas

Planning commission has come up with 12 key strategy challenges on which it needs feedback and consultation from citizens of India.

12 Key Strategy Challenges

  1. Enhancing the Capacity for Growth
  2. Enhancing Skills and Faster Generation of Employment
  3. Managing the Environment
  4. Markets for Efficiency and Inclusion
  5. Decentralisation, Empowerment and Information
  6. Technology and Innovation
  7. Securing the Energy Future for India
  8. Accelerated Development of Transport Infrastructure
  9. Rural Transformation and Sustained Growth of Agriculture
  10. Managing Urbanization
  11. Improved Access to Quality Education
  12. Better Preventive and Curative Health Care

On facebook page, there are hardly any fans (about 200 at the time of writing), however it has already generated some very insightful feedbacks and comments.

Government has provided a great platform for all of us, and we need to ensure that we utilize it to max ! Who knows, your suggestion may bring about a change that will affect thousands of people in India

Whats your opinion about this step taken by the Planning Commission?

  1. […] wow…Govt goes hi-tech! 12th Five Year Plan uses Web & Facebook for citizen Feedback! […]

  2. gyanendra mallick says

    Many HEROS will rolled in with time .
    As compaunding whether money,time,or the effort has proves
    as the 8th wondersof the world …………………….

  3. Fakrudheen vakkayil says

    This is good starting by planning commission…….
    1. must be change banking and financial rules for reducing finacil crimes and worthless activities.
    2. Allow more projects for rural areas developments, because primery development coming from rural areas
    3. Reduce price incresing diriect affecting in below poverty line peoples.

  4. Nikhil Bhagia says

    This is really good.
    much similar to the recent direct tax thing.
    not very sure how many of the things would be taken into consideration sincerely, but this is really the beginning of something. would love to note the responses & how much of them make it to the fyp.

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