Mobile Phone Radiations Health Risk – Government says Yes!


How many of us are constantly hooked on mobile phones – be it accessing mobile internet or listening to songs on FM channels? Mind it; I’ve not even mentioned phone calls yet. In fact, most of the younger generations now prefer to update their Twitter and Facebook status through mobile phones even while on a move.

In short, the cell phone usage and compatibility has surged manifold and its impact is no longer limited to only pesky phone calls. Moreover, with the onslaught of 3G technologies there is all the more reason to move closer to the computer world and accessing high-speed internet through mobile handsets.

But, the verdict is out now! In fact, you might be surprised to learn that excessive cell phone radiations could be harmful even to butterflies, bees, insects and sparrows; and not just human being cells and biological mechanisms.

mobile phone radiation

A study initiated by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to ascertain the ill-effects of cell phone and tower radiation hints towards serious health hazards such as memory loss, lack of concentration, disturbance in the digestive system and heart palpitation and sleep disorders.

As a solution, the eight-member committee involved in the study has recommended barring mobile phones that do not adhere to standard levels of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). SAR is a measure of theoretically acceptable human body’s radiofrequency energy absorption simulations.

The localized SAR value as per the Indian guidelines standard is 2 watt per kg in 10 gram average mass. In the US, the Federal Communications Commission has set a lower radio frequency safety standard at 1.6 W/Kg. It’s the same stringent prescription in Australia as well. However, the European Council Recommendation still provides for 2 W/Kg.

Further, the ministerial panel has recommended SAR levels in India to be lowered to 1.6 watt/kg in conformation with the stringent American standards to provide check on possible health implications.

The committee has also recommended high density residential areas, schools and hospitals to be kept free from mobile tower installations. In a recent 10-year study by WHO, there is a proven link between the long-term use of mobile and increased risks of brain cancer and tumors.

Even as the experts and scientists debate on the actual health affects of microwave radio frequency radiation, the fact of the matter remains that we never know how far people are really affected from the radiation. It is said that cell phone electromagnetic fields can cause damage to DNA which can not always be repaired by the cell.

Probably, the science has not yet reached a stage where conclusive evidence can be established with regard to cell phone radiations and human tendency to absorb them.

Most researches conclude saying there certainly is some sort of damage linked with electromagnetic fields that are typical for mobile phones. But, I would say they’re either damaging to people or not – there is no middle path saying cell phone radiation alters human DNA expression; but do not pose risk to human health.

But, for now, its official – cell phone radiations do pose a significant risk!

So, what’s your conclusion?

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  2. Raj Shrestha says

    does bluetooth headphone and normal wire headphone also effect us while talking on cell?

  3. Altaf Rahman says

    @ Srinath,

    We have to keep the mobile in pant pocket. The reason is if we keep it in shirt pocket, it can effect heart. Generally we have to keep it away from crucial body parts. I am not sure how safe it is to keep it in pant pocket ;)

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      Keeping in pant pocket results in impotency according to certain tests. But then carrying in shirt pocket is even more dangerous. So pant pocket will have to be the solution unless one carries a bag.

  4. srinath says

    Generally , shall i know where should keep the mobile & is it effect keep the mobile in shirt packet or pant pockets

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  5. srinath says

    Generally , shall i know where should keep the mobile.

    m no. 9845321165.

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