Weekly Wrapup: Ad Industry, 2010 review, CRM, Auto growth, Hero Honda split & more…


The Festive season is on, and understandably the updates and have been slow on trak.in. however, we have had some buzzing posts and even 2010 review on various sectors. Lets have a look…

In our Media Monday section, we had an interesting article comparing Indian Advertising Industry and Bollywood. Which one out of both do you think is more lucrative ?

2010 year has been an very eventful year – Here are the top 10 newsmakers of this year. On a side note, “Scam” would be one of the most commonly used in 2010…what say! [2010 review]

For people who are puzzled with the word CRM or customer relationship management, here are the very basics of CRM.

Indian Auto sector is flying high – India which was till now known as the small car hub, is growing and spreading its wings further. Nearly every global automobile company is in India now or atleast plan to enter it very soon. Here is how Auto sector performed in 2010. [2010 review].

The big news of previous week was the Hero Honda break-up. Here is the real reason why one of the most successful marriages broke up

if 2010 was year of smartphones, 2011 promises to be a year of tablets. Many companies are launching their own tablets. Reliance has now gone ahead and announced the plans to launch its own tablet for Rs. 8000/- and it is 4g compatible!

So how did various mobile handsets and sites performed in 2010 – Here is a look at rise & fall of mobile web and handsets in 2010.

The battle of gaming consoles is hotting up. The big question is – Will “Wii” lose the battle or we will see a newer version of “Wii”?

Google has stretched the boundary yet again with this years Christmas Doodle. The Google logo is not there at all…just a mural celebrating various cultures!

Mergers and Acquisitions were flying thick and fast in 2010. Infact, M&A activity has set a record this year, surpassing 2007/ 2008. [2010 review]

Buzzing posts at The Gadget Fan Blog

Since last week, we have started doing Video reviews at TGF – would love to know your feedback on the video review we do…Here are the buzzing posts.

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