Security concerns hamper 3G services in India!


When it comes to National Security, Indian Government has been quite stern on putting down rules and regulations. Things like Mobile phones with no IMEI numbers are now thing of past due to this.

Even a company like RIM [Blackberry Makers] had to bow down to demands of Indian Government on opening up their messenger services. Indian security agencies wanted to gain access and intercept any message / conversation of any subscriber whenever required !!

Now, with Telecom Operators launching 3G services, government wants to ensure that it has absolute control over the services offered to ensure that anti-social elements do not take advantage of it.

Infact, Security Agencies have gone ahead and asked Telecom Operators to shut down 3G services as they are unable to track the data flowing through their Network. Tata Docomo and Reliance Communication have already started offering 3G services in some parts of the country .

This is a serious blow to Telecom Operators who have spent thousands of crore rupees to gain 3G spectrum and invested in setting up infrastructure to offer these services.

Although, the notice has already been issued to this effect by DoT, 3G providers have not yet gone ahead and shut down the services. The 2 operators however have agreed only partially by keeping out video calling services as law enforcement agencies cannot intercept video calls in real time, which can become a grave security threat.


Stopping Video calling services will have far more impact on Bharti Airtel who have have been advertising this feature feverishly over past couple of weeks [Remember, the TV commercial where Boy meets girl again and again..]

Airtel’s Endless Goodbye Ad


It is going to be interesting to watch how Telecom Operators as well as DoT  are going to handle  this issue. On one hand there are huge investments made by Operators and on the other hand, it is a situation of national security. Getting a solution to this cannot happen in short time and Telecom Operators can’t afford wait for long otherwise their business will be in jeopardy.

Would love to hear your comments on this ?

  1. Mahendra says

    What about state owned telecom firms MTNL and BSNL.
    They have started this service long back. Do security was not concerned when these company had launched the 3G service ?

  2. Manish Sinha says

    Were the security agencies sleeping when 3G auctions were going on and when operators were settings up their infrastructure. They came to realize all these things so late?

  3. balaji yadhav says

    Security is important for a stable economy.I have no problems with that especially in a country which is still vulnerable for terrorist attack.

  4. Ashfaq says

    Due to terrorist attacks India government is implementing these rules. Now we have mobile number portability, then they will implement 1 individual 1 number

  5. Altaf Rahman says

    We still have to get over the hangover of 3G auctions and yet to see the actual 3G service where as Malaysia is going for 4G by next year.
    The write up in the above article is very interesting.

    Just my two paisa.

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