1. Sayan Chakraborty says

    very good

  2. bapu says

    its a nice logo but one thing is airtel is the no1 cellular service provider of india but still you are spending 300crore for this. I think its not good step but stiill i would like to say that old is gold and the old themes and logo was better than this. Ok best of AIRTEL

  3. yaqub says

    old is gold……new will be in the mind of few……

  4. kalki says

    it is drawn like a boomerang
    it is red in color with bigger part on top showing imbalanced wont stand any longer
    and its tilt towards left (rotation anti-clock wise) showing unethical , devilish approach and the large loop on the bottom shows highly” x “character
    and it also represent wind showing calamities(inviting natural calamities )
    red is an earth color when a symbol is drawn with it heavier or bigger part on the it lower part in a balanced way can bring all materialistic result money, growth fame etc
    but here the logo took a reverse path
    red when shown as earthly is divine (sakthi,mooladhara chakra,ganapathic etc) but when it dominating the upper part it shows destruction devilish etc.

    and yes the time is kali yuga when the red will rule and dominate so have a close study about the red money behind it and the companies who are changing their colors to red. You will see almost all those changed recently have selected red as their color
    is it a RED REVOLUTION chineese???? watch closely
    where did all these companies got so much of money from

    jai kalki

  5. Neetu says

    nice logo…………….. cute 1 cool 4 yngsstrsss…… n it didnot remind ayntng ,… it juz cool… n gud

  6. Sai says

    Frankly, strictly “as a consumer”, I feel extremely cheated when I see Rs 300 Cr spent on this rebranding exercise..

    I do not see any value add to me as a consumer, whatever new logo you use.

    If Airtel has so much margins from the bills consumers like me pay, I would have loved to see any incremental/ transformational benefits passed on to the consumers from the Rs 300 Cr.

  7. abhinav barsainya says

    it is not impresive

  8. abhinav barsainya says

    it is not as creative as it could be.

  9. Vipula Khatri says

    As far as tune is considered its awsome & this tune was one which made me & my friends search on the internet this particular tune.

    Three cheers for Rehman to give India its first international feel music. Rehman ROCKS!!!

  10. Vipula Khatri says

    I think it is the best move that any brand can make , to have an identity for it’s own by just a small symbol. Its too early to be positive or negative about the move. Few months down the line airtel would just need to develop a small signage every where & they would be recognized easily. If i think strategically this would help them cut the cost of making signage (neon signs etc.)just an inverted A would communicate it all.
    Only suggestion that can be given is they could have used another color as red & white is majorly dominated by vodafone in telecoms industry.

  11. laxmi narayan singh says


  12. veekay says

    Compared to the previous logo and tune the new one is noy so attractive.
    airtel would have done the better job..
    but results of the rebranding cannot be guessed.. we should wait and see.
    all the best to airtel…

  13. subhash says

    Not at all bosss…Think business…In india Airtel is No.1. So y they stil hav to satisfy indians..Publicity is s jus to reach people…Airtel has already crossed the mark in India….So now itz time to expand in overseas toooo…that s why they hav spent 300 crores for the new one…. Bosss..they have the business legends…we r jus mango people….think bout it…..anyway i like the new logo n the new tune is awesome than previous one…it has some rap..so people think logical……

  14. nitin bansal says

    i can say both will lead airtel to highest peek in will boom the market even the new add of dansing boy on the new 3g tune is very very catchy

  15. nitin bansal says

    its the best sound i can challange rhaman had ever created in is all his work till today, i had heard this tune so many time but still i felt the thust to listern it more n more .

  16. Aseem Rastogi says

    Hey great to see all your comments :)…Keep them coming :)

  17. Radhika says

    The new Logo is Good and it Symbolize Flexibility and youth…
    The tune is awesome… And the Advertizements are really something :)
    As far as advertizements are concerned (Some of the best adds till date) Surley Airtel will have huge customer base for 3G in future.

  18. Rinse John says

    The old logo was a legend!! Even the tune was kick-ass!!! The new logo has degraded them.. I think its still not late, they can get back to their old logo and tune itself!! And the new logo has no meaning in it itself!!! I have no idea what Airtel is upto!!!

  19. faizal says

    The now long is very good but the tune is very bad. old tune is better than new tune.

  20. Gayathri says

    Pls get the old one back.. recover from the disaster b4 its too late

  21. Arpan Kar says

    Seriously the old logo had better brand assocation. Now airtel will have to redo their homework again and start almost from scratch to rebuild their brand.

  22. Satya Kumar says

    Not too bad..

    BTW any idea which font has been used for ‘airtel’ text please?

  23. yashaswini says

    hey!!! Actually logo is gooood…..

  24. Kunal Gautam says

    Mr Mittal
    I read a lot about you in recent days, very impressive!!! But this change has disappointed me, I asked this to many and none was excited to see the new logo. \
    Sir, change is necessary but this should have been a big gun and not look as a part of the crowd. Airtel is leading market player…it leads to lead on all fronts. And yes, I don’t deny if a unknown man can say that Videocon & Airtel are sister companies based on the logo.

  25. ADITI MEHTA says

    airtel new logo is completely an imitation of vedeocon’s logo but as far as recalling of brand is concern,it will be in Airtel’s favor as it is more popular among people so better for airtel to take brand positioning in customers mind easily……write now just wait and watch,time will do its work…

  26. nipun puri says

    the new logo really looks cheap. the earlier logo looked like tommy hilfiger’s logo and felf classy. airtel has developed an elite brand. brands like videocon, S-tel, aircel, feels so cheap. airtel has developed an image as a costly brand. which is a good thing, you feel good when you give your phone number to someone, you can make fun of people “haha poor fellow has to use a cheap aircel phone”

  27. Shubhangi says

    Undoubtedly, airtel new logo resembles with vediocon’s logo… but even then the new one is really giving an international look…. I liked the new tune also.
    On the other hand, if airtel would have invested a little on their services, it would helped more.

  28. Asad Humayoon says

    This is probably second biggest rebranding exercise after Reliance Infocom. Change in the visual identity always brings in mixed responses. The new logo is attractive especially the font. However the red colour scheme is bit confusing as Vodafone has strongly associated with it.

  29. Sudeep says

    I can say the new logo is a cheap copy of the Videocon Mobile logo. I did some basic rotations to both logos. Have a look at how similar they are :

  30. Harry says

    The new 3G ad is spot-on ! I so love the piano and strings piece – eminently musical, memorable, thematic and inspiring. The ad, too, is so apt and evocative; conveys the primary utility (and attraction) of 3G. The logo is a let down – nothing Airtel there except the colour.

  31. Aseem Rastogi says

    Hey all,

    Nice to see so many comments here mostly not supporting the rebranding move by Airtel. I really wonder what they were thinking while going for such a paradigm shift in their strategy. Here I would like to quote a few points from one of my friends blog’s about the reasons why a company brands its products and how none of those apply to Airtel.

    Which is the right time for Rebranding?

    * When your brand equity is deteriorating or stagnant, that indicates you need a thorough rebranding to overhaul the identity of your brand. (which I believe the market leader in Indian Telecom with a 33% share, was NOT)
    * When your customers don’t seem to favor your brand identity anymore, it’s time that you reposition your brand in the minds of your consumers. (Another NOT from a loyal true red Airtel customer.)
    * When your brand gets caught up in a controversy, a repositioning is required to improve the tarnished reputation. ( *The ‘wrong buzzer’ beeeep* NOT #3)
    * When the rebranding has the muscle to offset the cost it incurs, meaning it has the potential to pay off in the long run. (We need a financial analyst to figure that out, which I soooo am NOT :P )
    * When you realize that your current brand positioning isn’t valid for the target market anymore, or your target market changes. (NOT NOT & NOT #5)

    For more do check out this post by Gracelyne Fernando, an MBA student from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai


  32. Sohan Shenoy says

    I am not a great fan of the new Airtel logo. I was pretty happy with the previous logo but then I am not the only target they are trying to reach with the re-branding. This excersice is done in tunes with their global ambitions. The logo should be capable of giving the same perception in all the countries they set foot into. India and Africa now; maybe france and chile sometime in the future. The research before the design (hopefully) would have been done with this objective.
    Regarding the resemblance with the Videocon or Vodafone logo, am sure any new design will resemble a brand mark in any new market (without Videocon in those markets). Airtel is already established in India and have a fairly good and loyal base in here. The fact that they have spent 300 cr for this excersie makes us critique the new logo so much. But a few weeks later we would have all accepted and probably even start liking it. It may not affecting Airtel’s brand value in India but on a global front it would have done its job.
    How effective was the excersice? We will have to wait and see..

    1. palak says

      I m 100% agree vd u Mr. Shenoy..

  33. nimesh garg says

    what a crappy logo!!!!! Old one was better……….. well…. Vodafone’s logo is the best….

  34. Mahesh says

    Please do not criticise any work before understanding the cause. If we all feel that the new logo and signature is ridiculous,the person who approved this must also have felt the same. Let us wait and watch if it impresses us in a week or so

  35. Shilpa says

    Truly! the old airtel logo is way cooler than the new one. It was the best logo airtel could have….very different from those of the other brands…The old signature tune touched the heart of the listener…Though the new one is good,it doesn’t work the same magic as the older one. After so many years, I still feel a range of emotions flow through my mind on hearing the old tune…

  36. kishan ch says

    now this tune is 1000times? better than waka ..waka…! thnx to airtel &rahman
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyARRTb7AN0&feature=player_embedded click for that song …enjoy 3G life

  37. vipinnath says

    this logo became a worst one because we are familiar with logo of videocon, On first look i thought it is videocon’s. The previous logo is 10 times better than current one.

  38. MN MURTHY says

    GOOD GOD !
    Woke up to the two-full-front page ad on TOI


    The front had the teaser as always | might have been impressive in black & white ( JWT whats happenig ? ) then i flipped to see the follow up to the tease :

    What horror | what non-sense,


    The brand identity rework by Brand Union ( the same guys who did vodafone ) is Disgusting & Disappointing, the old one was much better. I only wished Airtel has not spent astronomical amounts towards this de-brand-building exercise.

    Being a portrait photographer & visual artist myself, i see this as a stupefying act.
    This logo has absolutely no vision, no stories, no strings to indian culture & ethos, perhaps if the idea was to play cards to the global market, with an astute minimalism touch to portray vigor & dynamism, i still find this quite irresponsible &
    irrelevant. Coming from such an incredible & dynamic power brand, makes this profoundly disgusting. Looks like a shoddy effort usually done by the notorious Indian govt public relations.

    Mr. Sunil Mittal, the least you could have done is run a national level design contest & have taken advantage of the uber-cool indian art & design talent. What a missed opportunity. Other brands, after laughing your lungs out, pls file the front pages of today’s TOI or any other, as a case study.

    Out of (+10) , i would give this logo (-5)
    Out of (+10), i would give the signature tune (+3)
    God Bless. Nice Day Folks. ,)

  39. vivek singh says

    new logo is best comapre than old logo

  40. Manish says

    The logo looks strictly average, certainly not good for a big brand like Airtel. My wife who certainly does not understand anything about branding, on seeing the logo instantly said it is an “inverted videocon”. What is most disappointing is the font. The A is not pleasing and the entire font to curvy and compact. The signature tune should have come with “statutory warning”

    Luckily logos don’t bring or drive away customers, it is the service that does, which airtel is definitely best at. Their customer service is by far the best in the industry.

  41. Vishavnath says

    Very bad new signature tone and a ridiculous logo to target the global youth

  42. Simon says

    The logo and the new tag line is Good..But i am very disappointed with the tune..it would have been better if it have been based on the previous tune..i suggest the old tune can be reworked and presented in a new form

  43. rakesh says

    its like videocon logo…bt still the logo is dynamic red…

  44. Pradeep says

    Very much agree with you. Logo is SORRY an so it the brand tune. TOTAL DISASTER. Logo is complete copy of Videocon.. not sure which agency have designed the logo and who were the people to approve :)

  45. vinod says

    airtel logo reminds of videocon logo…. good for videocon… now that they are also into mobile services

  46. vinod says

    airtel logo reminds of vodafone logo…. good for vodafone

  47. Satyam says

    Good piece Aseem!
    I have quoted some of the facts from this article in my blog post… and tried analyzing some conversations on twitter… would you like to have a look at it…

    Cheers.. i am excited about what Airtel is going to do next..

  48. Rachna says

    I liked the new logo of Airtel cause it makes it look more younger, classy and a bit feminine. But I think it reminds me of Vodafone????
    Sorry but I expected much better work from Airtel.
    The new communication has no continuity from past, its too drastic a changeover and I feel brand will loose out on what it has built over years, specially the last communication on “Baat karne se hi baat bantee hai”

  49. Nitin says

    Airtel has lost with new ideas and innovation. the new logo is exact copy of the Videocon. Airtel being the leader should have come out with something unique which would represent the, globally and also a 3G tech.

    The current logo is not as attractive as the old one, which was always apart from all other telecome operator logo. Being an airtel customer from 15 years, I did not like the logo and new tune.

    1. abc says

      I don’t think that Airtel is 15 years old :)

      1. xyz says

        helllllllllooo!!! it started in 1995!!!!!!!!!!

  50. T Sarat Chandra says

    Its very early to comment on the complete re branding efforts that Airtel has come up with. The new logo of Airtel has an international appeal and the new signature tune is a an international sound which feels Indian as well as African. Considering that the company has now expanded in Africa, there is a need to re brand it in to a global look and sound. As far as the Videocon Logo and branding are concerned, its a bad effort by O&M. The Fluorescent colour that they have used doesn’t appeal to any brand and is often seen in cheap merchandise. Also the comment that mention of the new airtel logo being a copy of other telecom companies, one must understand that in branding particularly if you are selling a product which is highly similar in terms of offerings from the other competitors, the branding should also be close to others. If one can analyse the color and logo of MTS is quite similar to that of Vodafone. It will take time as companies don’t spend with out carrying out studies on re-branding efforts. There are metrics with the help of which they analyse the business conversion of the re-branding efforts. At the end of the day for any business, it comes down to how much of Dollar Conversion the whole effort has done. So i would say, wait and watch and analyse. These are business decisions taken after extensive thought process involving an array of experts.

  51. Mohsin says

    Excellent read Aseem! However, I beg to differ. Not only does the new logo clearly demonstrate dynamism and energy, it is very timely. Every brand becomes associated with a particular motif (in this particular case for e.g., Airtel’s logo and signature tune) over time and this is a good thing; it means people are genuinely remembering the brand and keeping alive its value. If the brand wants to keep this much popular motif, it has to make sure of its acceptability with the changing generations. Only very very few brands have actually achieved this kind of a brand recognition where the motif (say a brand’s logo) has continued to appeal to several generations – some famous examples include Mercdes, Apple, Microsoft, Coca Cola, FedEx etc. and numerous university emblems and coat of arms. I frankly don’t think Airtel had such a motif with their former logo – it was a simple, innovative and refreshing identity (for Airtel) in the late 90s and the 2000s true, but it needed to evolve. The new logo is just that; an evolved logo that appeals to the generation of the 2010s and at the same time retains the familiar warmth and simplicity of the old one! But in my opinion, even the new one is not going to stick for too long. The fittest always evolve to survive! :P
    And as for the new signature tune, I wholly agree – it SUCKS big time! What is A. R. Rahman trying to do here?! It’s like a tune for some African company! But we never know – Rahman’s charm usually works only the third time you listen. :)

  52. Ritik says

    New logo is good,but the tune is horrible,so poor. The earlier tone was awsome,best of the best. I am using that rng tone from last 6 yrs.

  53. Yaamini says

    Does changing the logo and tune actually help ?? I personally feel it doesnt make any difference because th earlier ones were already good. Let Airtel just concentrate on bringing up and improving th quality of their services

  54. redchillimedia says

    The new logo does not match the Brand name of AIRTEL. It could have been better.

  55. Yash says

    I liked the new logo. The old logo was becoming so 90s. And when I saw the logo my first impression was – this is so much Videocon like! I like the font of Airtel but the “a” emblem on top could have been better. This kind of logo design is in vogue these days with telecom companies, with a huge emblem and name below or on the side look at Vodafone, Uninor, Videocon, MTS.

  56. Hitesh Lalwani says

    Yeah its so disappointed to see new logo of airtel like that. i think it just to please the african customers. but lets see where they goes i hope for best to the company

  57. Rohit says

    -1 for Logo
    -1 for new tune in whole. Only some parts are good

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