Top 15 Telecom Companies in World – Bharti Now 5th !


Bharti – Zain deal is sealed, the 10.3 billion dollar deal  leapfrogs the largest Telecom provider in India, Bharti, to the top 5 in the world. Before this deal they were placed at 10th amongst the top telecom companies in the world.


Here are top Telecom Companies in the World:

Top 15 Telecom Companies in World

Rank Company Name Subscribers
1 China Mobile 522 Mln
2 Vodafone Group 333 Mln
3 Telefonica 202 Mln
4 AmericaMovil 201 Mln
5 Telenor Group 172 Mln
6 Deutsche Telecom 151 Mln
7 China Unicom 148 Mln
8 TeliaSonera 148 Mln
9 France Telecom 133 Mln
10 Bharti Airtel 125 Mln
11 MTN Group 116 Mln
12 Mobile Telesystems 102 Mln
13 Reliance Communications 100 Mln
14 Orascom Telecom 93 Mln
15 AT&T 85 Mln

These figures are based as of end- February 2010.

If you add Zain’s 42 Million subscribers in 15 African countries now coming under Bharti’s Umbrella – The Total Subscriber base of Bharti Airtel goes to 167 million Subscribers, which puts it firmly in 5th position

We also have Reliance Communication which just celebrated the 100 millionth connection and is placed at 13th position !

Also, with the kind of growth Indian Telecom Industry is witnessing, I see Bharti coming in top 3 position probably by end of this year.

Some bragging rights there…uhhh !

  1. monu Jangra says

    great articals thanks

  2. sandeep rana says

    airtel is lost her network in all india airtel network is verry bad in all state airtel network regular week and week every day it is very bad network

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  5. kapil says

    i think airtel is best telecom company in india

  6. swati says

    china telecom is so worst Airtel is best

  7. Pyiya Khan says

    I think…reliance is the best…..


    Airtel is the best telecommunication services provider if India….due to its network coverage’s throughout the country…..I love Airtel…

  9. Suren says

    BSNL is going top the list in India in near future.

  10. Amit Kumar says

    I think airtel is the best among all indian telecommunications companies.

  11. Mdazharbaba Baba says

    I think vodafone is the best.

  12. Pravin Singh says

    what about cellone.

  13. Jensen Toh says

    what about SingTel?

  14. Shuaike Huo says

    China Mobile?

  15. Mukesh Singh says

    reliance comm. is in undergrowth….

  16. Anu Rag Upreti says

    airtel has a good future prospect.

  17. Handsomeboy Ginny says


  18. Radhe Meena says

    mast hai…………….

  19. adithya poluri says

    cricket deserves to have a position and i agree to my friend s comment there the coverage is good and also its an affordable service provider plz give cricket a chance too

  20. Richest Prince says

    airtel is a strong contender in the telecom world and also aiming at first 3 world largest telecom companies.

  21. raju kumar says

    airtel are very good company………

  22. Evang Barry Iyke says

    my men coolooooooooooooooooooooo.

  23. ???? ???????? says


  24. Anup Nair says

    I would like to join as a freelancer for the writing part for .

  25. Avish Mathur says

    At what position is verizon telecom ??

  26. srinivas says

    good,lot of telecom companies

  27. J. Ganesh says

    Very good day. World Telecom Operator

  28. Pradeep says

    No Virgin telecom in the list??
    I am happy for Airtel though..

  29. Rohan says

    It seems with 167 million Bharti will be on 6th position behind “Telenor Group” with 172 million subscribers.

  30. ghosh says

    These figures also include Bharti’s Bangladesh acquisition of Warid International?

  31. Vishal Sanjay says

    The Indian telecom industry is currently saturated, so the growth will be slow. Even though it wasn’t a nice idea to do too many acquisitions in one year, I think Bharti has done something sensible, they know that the Indian telecom industry will not have much growth, so they tapped into the African markets at the right time.

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