Vodafone launches Innovative Rs. 4/- Tariff plans with Daily Validity – Is Telecom Industry gearing up for Consolidation?


Believe it or not – the bottom formation process for the tariff price wars in the telecom sector has already commenced!

It certainly seems that the depressed telecom industry has kicked off with the much needed consolidation in terms of intense price wars which had almost raised a question mark on the viability of the business case in this capital intensive industry.

This is clearly evident from the fact that Vodafone has launched a budget sized tariff plans priced at meager Rs.4 with 1 day validity.

vodafone tariff

Doesn’t it sound music to ears – with a tariff plan as low as Rs.4 ?

Not really!!

This is a typical brainchild of telecom czars to have come up with innovative usage plans that slowly and gradually sucks up Rs.4 on a daily basis from your talk time. Firstly, let’s have a look at some of the plans to start with…

For the subscribers of Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and some other circles Vodafone has come out with four different plans of Rs.4 each, dedicated to SMS and Call services, both.

Vodafone Rs. 4 Tariff Plan

Tariff Plans (All schemes of Rs.4/-)


100 local / national SMS

1 day

8 local / STD minutes (Any network)

1 day

Local Vodafone calls @20 ps/minutes

1 day

Night Calling 40 minutes (11 pm to 8 am)

1 day

For the above tariff schemes, the Vodafone customers can subscribe to any of the plans priced at Rs.4/- with validity of 1 day, depending upon their desirable usage profile. You simply need to have a minimum balance of Rs.4 in your prepaid account to activate this daily validity pack.

The cliché in such chota recharge plans is that once they are activated, you don’t have to log-on to keep these plans alive on daily basis. Their system automatically deducts Rs.4 on daily basis from your core account balance until, of course, you get it deactivated personally.

But, are such budget chota packet recharge plans really cheap?

Not really, if you calculate Rs.4 deduction from your overall balance spanning across the month, it sums up to Rs.120 for a 30 day period. Your prepaid balance will be lower by Rs.120/- per month, irrespective of whether you use the desired plan on a daily basis or not.

Yes, these are plans that only SUBSIDISE your consumption pattern. Over and above Rs.4 per day, you also pay up discounted charges, which you should add up to your usage cost.

However, there is nothing in writing that such schemes will certainly be expensive for you. If your usage is higher (or more regular in nature on daily basis) for a particular scheme, you could as well squeeze in benefits from such schemes. But, then there always are schemes with higher denominations – if your usage profile is relatively congested.

To sum it up, this could well be a much-needed innovative up-tick away from the depressing tariff wars entered into by telecom operators. It’s a positive move for the healthy sustenance of the telecom industry. Though, we should not analyze too deeply into this one-off tariff plan, for now.

So, are we looking at an upward curve for the well fought out telecom sector?

  1. eddy jamerson says

    how to deactivate v2v 10 paisa plan??

  2. Kismat says

    is 40 night mins valid for V2V only… or on any other service provider as well??
    i mean can they be against any network or only Vodafone?

  3. Akhilesh Akhil Winsome says

    vodafone 3g unlimited only in 500 rs motnthly.

  4. sonal says

    how to deactivate daily sms pack?????????

  5. Dev Tonk says

    Vodafone to Vodafone 20 ps/min. is a comparatively better plan, but beneficial to only those subscriber who have majority from their contact list with the same service provider.

  6. Ankur Upadhyay says

    how to activate Rs 4 ng8 calling plan nd also hw to deactivate dat?

  7. Ajay Negi says

    yaar yes 40 min. wale ko activate k liye kya dial karna padega jaldi batana pl, zzzzzzz.

    1. Pallavi Saxena says


    2. Cranjan Chai says

      Pallavi Saxena *444*4# …kya sure h ki night pack hi activ hoga ,…..4 rs.wale mai 4 trffic plan h …fir :P…???

    3. Cranjan Chai says

      Pallavi Saxena Pallavi Saxena *444*4# …kya sure h ki night pack hi activ hoga ,…..4 rs.wale mai 4 trffic plan h …fir :P…???

    4. Ajay Negi says

      thanx pallavi

    5. Pallavi Saxena says

      Cranjan Chai i use it almost daily :P yes its the correct code for nite minutes…

    6. Pallavi Saxena says

      Ajay Negi np..:)

    7. Ajay Negi says

      ma frnds call me ajju

    8. Manoj Singh Bohra says

      Pallavi Saxena how to activate Rs 4 Internet plan.

    9. Pallavi Saxena says

      Manoj Singh Bohra just dial *444# .. it provides with all the recharge codes..

    10. Manoj Singh Bohra says

      Pallavi Saxena Thanx..bt esme daily internet ka koe option nhi aa rha ..


  8. Mahesh Kumar says

    Dial kro *444*22# or pao Rs.2 ka one plan for 20 MB data.

  9. Ravi Chintu says

    *777*4# is not working man…and waste of use vodafone…not connecting to customer care too.

    1. Princess Sonal says

      ya right

  10. Ankit says

    how to deactivate it. i am angry due to 4 rs. transaction daily and no response from customer care executives

  11. Ankit Kumar says

    bhai sahab is plan ko deactivate kaise karna hai.

  12. Divya Romala says

    how to get the sms with 4 rs that is 400 msg per day what we must dial.

    1. Kushal Ashok says

      Dial 12122 (toll free) and follow the instructions.

    2. Vineel Leeniv says

      12122 dial karne se koi aur offer directle activate ho raha hai….without any intimation

    3. Pawan Kumar says

      *444*3# cheers.. i use it daily,.. :P

  13. saumojit says

    Vodafone needs to modify their plans greatly. They provide the best signal strength, that’s understandable, but in exchange of that they literally suck the balance out of the phones. Is that really worth it?

  14. Vijay says

    Cost – Rs 4

    Local Vodafone – Vodafone Calls – 10 paise per minute
    Activation Procedure – Call 12121 OR *444*2# OR Call 121
    Validity – 24 hours
    Cost – Rs 4

    Free Local & National SMS – Free 400 SMS
    Activation Procedure – 12122 OR *444*3# OR Call 121
    Validity – 24 hours
    Cost – Rs 4

    Free Local & STD mins- 8 minutes
    Activation Procedure – 12123 OR *444*1# OR Call 121
    Validity – 24 hours
    Cost – Rs 4

    Local Vodafone – Vodafone Night mins – 40 minutes [ From 11pm – 7am ]
    Activation Procedure – 12124 OR *444*4# OR Call 121
    Validity – 24 hours

    1. Sanjit Bhujel says

      but yarr ye *444*1# 8minutes local/Std process nahi ho raha hai….

  15. gaurav arora says

    Hwo to activate 4rs/- 100sms free plan in 1day

  16. Ramswaroop says

    ok! means jis ko jab jitani jarurat hai vo lele.

  17. Anita says

    how to avail the offer no. 3
    Local Vodafone calls @20 ps/minutes 1 day

    tell me the code of same offer, thats not bad

    1. Ramswaroop says

      dial *444# and select

  18. rajesh says

    kamine hai saale vodaphone wale chor chor hai

  19. Ramswaroop says

    I want to know that the above mentioned four benifits are collectively charged by rs 4 per day or seperatly charged rs 4 per day, means 4*4=16 per day if i select all???

    1. Viral says

      Ramswaroop… Its 4×4=16. Rs 4 per tariff… For each individual tariff u wish to subscribe.

  20. Hardik says

    How to deactivate the 4 rs plan.

  21. sriram says

    what a scarp offer..
    validity for one day..
    even the offer is lanched for just few states just few parts of india..

  22. sheetal says

    Dosent Make sense using this plan and paying 120rs as just as rent and get 8mins of talktime per day free.. that means thy are giving 240mins of free talk time for 1 month. The only tempting thing is 100sms free per day. I personally didn’t find it exciting.

    1. Viral says

      Hello Sheetal,

      I agree with you. Except for SMS, the call service plan is not so lucrative. Even for SMS, one would hardly be able to squeeze in 10-20 SMS per day on an average and no more.

      Vodafone to Vodafone 20 ps/min. is a comparatively better plan, but beneficial to only those subscriber who have majority from their contact list with the same service provider.

      However, it could be a different ball game altogether if all the four tariff plans are provided under a single payment outgo of Rs.4 on daily basis. But, that won’t happen, as it won’t be in the telecom operator’s interest.

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