Best of the Week – BWA Auction winners, stock markets, FIFA 2010 & more.. [Weekly Wrap-up]


Last week we had number of big stories, here is a wrap-up of some of the best stories of week.


Undoubtedly, the biggest news of the week was centre was able to mop-up over 38,000 crores with BWA Auction, which surprised everyone. Little known Infotel procured the Pan-India license.

However, immediately after the Auction was over, it became quite clear on how Infotel was able to churn out such big monies for BWA Pan-India license – Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance acquired 95% stake in the company and now also plans to infuse over $1 billion into newly acquired Telecom Business.

I am of the firm opinion that Fuel Price regulation should be done, but it seems that centre is still not ready to take decision on it as yet. A decision was expected last Monday, but nothing has happened and decision is still in status quo.

Recently Government passed a norm on public holding in the listed companies – Here are the things investors should know about his new norm.

Once a blue-eyed boy of Indian Auto Industry, Hyundai plans to shift some of its production to Turkey, thanks to the labour issues.

Even though Hyundai has decided to move its production, the Auto Sales numbers in India re going through the roof !

Gold is fast becoming scarce, the Gold mines are drying up. The prices of Gold are sky-rocketing and now Gold is emerging as a broad asset class.

iPhone 4 has launched with much Fan-fare and boasts of many never-before features on the slimmest smartphone till date. The question though that needs to be asked is – At what price will iPhone4 come to Indian Consumers ?

FIFA World Cup fever is on and some of the lucky consumers in the West will be able to enjoy World Cup in 3D Technology.

We also had an excellent post written by Viral, where he busts 3 Most Common Myths Amongst Stock Market Investors

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