iPhone 4 in India soon, but at what price ?


iPhone 4 is right now the talk of the town – The slimmest Smartphone with highest resolution display phone is coming to India through Vodafone as per their latest press statement.

However, no other details are published yet on their website. It is expected that iPhone 4 may come to India as early as next month (July 2010).

Although, iPhone 4 has a huge drool factor, especially for gadget freaks – The most important question to be asked is –

At what price will iPhone 4 be available in India ?

iPhone 4

Even during the launch of iPhone 3G everyone was quite excited, but went on to become a damp squib thanks to astronomical pricing.

So, let us play some guessing game and see what price tag we should expect on Indian iPhone 4.

In U.S iPhone 4 model comes to you with a 2 year AT&T Contract for $199 (16GB) & $299 (32GB). They are not sold without a contract. Update: There is a no-contract, no-commitment  price announced by AT&T – $599 for 16GB & $699 for 32GB (thanks @addepalli & @brajeshwar)

In India iPhone 3G was launched by Vodafone & Airtel between 35k to 40k with not many takers. Infact, iPhone 3G was a big flop in India. On Ebay, iPhone 3G/S model goes for roughly 32k to 33k.

Considering the iPhone 3G price point, we will have to assume that iPhone 4 will surely come with some sort of premium.

This is my personal guess – iPhone 4 (16GB) will cost around 40k – 42k, while the 32GB model be closer to 50k price point.

Would be interesting to hear your guesses on iPhone 4 price point in India – Come on…take a guess !

  1. Hari Negi says


  2. manoj says

    i want iphone 4 in the range of 15000 with unlocked soo plz….. n i don`t hv problem whether it is new or old. i m frm maharastra. if any 1 hv plz contact me on 9561721572

  3. Pavan Srivatsav says

    good phone

  4. Monica says

    I have a brand new I phone 4 s from U.S , sealed in a box. it’s white in color and is 32 GB. I had bought it for a friend who does not want it any more. I am leaving for U.S by 20th of dec. Anybody who is interested in buying it can e-mail me. I will take any reasonable price offered.
    My e-mail is [email protected]

    1. Azeem Parkar says

      What Is the price..????????
      Is it factory unlocked or locked????

  5. Avinash Singh R says

    its so kool.

  6. Hardik Jain says

    I like Iphone And Nothing else soo I want one.
    Can anyone giftt it to me on my bday please :P lol.

  7. Rakesh Ghritlahre says

    I m loving it……

  8. Ranvir singh says

    i bought iphone price

  9. Nil Beeka says


  10. nilesh vasava says

    i wanna buy iphone 4s , when will it availabe in india? price?

    1. Monica says

      Nilesh, I have an brand new one sealed in a box…but it is still locked as I bought it from U.S. Are you still interested? I can sell it real cheap as I am leaving for US in few days. it’s 32 GB.
      My e-mail is [email protected]

  11. Ikshit Attarde says

    product obsolescence for pretentious fks?

  12. dilraj says

    i bought an i phone from Bahrain. will this work in India

  13. Pulkit Meena says

    good phone!

  14. Garima Mengi says


  15. Ashwani Singh says

    wow kya phone hai.

  16. Mohit Mehta says

    If Iphone4 is available with no contract in india at all, then why only Airtel and Aircel are providing the same? why not apple itself?

    1. Deepak Kadawal says

      bt u can use any sim in dat if it is factory unlockd

  17. Niti Bodh says


  18. Sono Khokhar says

    great model very nice!

  19. nick neaz rana says

    i have 100 pieces of iphone 4(32 GB) available in both white and black colour . it is factory unlocked n brand new phone , never touched and operated and seal packed too ..i am offering 29000(indian rupee) if anyone interested can contact me to the contact given below ..
    nick neaz rana – +917696865747
    – +919888181322

  20. Ra Vi Ravi says

    New iPhone 5.

  21. slipknot says

    Hi guys, I wana buy i-phn4…from kolkata is it possible…& wana buy factory Unlocked one….how much gona that cost…& where should i look for that in Kolkata. PLZ help me…

  22. Lakha Dhaliwal says


  23. Khanna Dhinesh says

    free ah kudu tha kooda vanga mataen.

  24. Ram Prasath says

    ithuku nan oru dell laptop eduthukuvean pongada polapathavangala.

  25. San Jay says

    oc la kudupingala.

  26. Rajil Maithadam says

    that's nice

  27. John Sandj says

    hooooooo my god.

  28. Praga Rockx says

    I won't but no many.

  29. Praga Rockx says

    I won't but no many.

  30. K John Leo says


  31. K John Leo says


  32. sachin says

    i planning buy a new iphone4 so please mail me on this mail id if u have new brand iphone4

  33. Roshan Thapa says

    I have Brand New I Phone 4, bought in London. Want to sell it for 35 K ..call me if you want to buy ..91676-32322…I am based in Mumbai

  34. Santosh says

    GUYS if you want all the updates on iPhone jailbreak and unlocks kindly visit iPhoneviki.com…..you can even buy iPhones through this site in INDIA….!

  35. Prosenjit Neogy says

    The price of iphone 4 should not be more than Rs.14000 for 16GB and Rs.16000 for 32 GB. At this price such a fantastic product will be a real hit in true sense of it. Otherwise at such astronomical prices as mentioned by others it is sure to face the the same fate as iphone 3 in India.

  36. shah says

    can anyone tell me what is the cost of iphone4 in US…the factory unlocked phone cost…phone with no contract.

  37. shah says

    tell me non contract phones can be used in india na…factory unlocked iPhone 4..it will be active out in INDIA na…

  38. manasi says

    can i buy the non – contract phone from US and use it in India??????

    1. Jatin Kaka says

      I dont think you get non-contract iphone 4 in USA at the moment… If there is, you wont have a problem using it in India.

    2. Jatin Kaka says

      If you have any other issue, add me at [email protected]

  39. manasi says

    does it operate in India well then???its an unlocked phone???does it crack in India…..

    1. Jatin Kaka says

      1) Yes it works perfectly fine in Delhi. I have been using it for past 2 weeks.
      2) Yes its an unlocked phone.
      3) Why do I need to crack it if its already unlocked. :)

      1. manasi says

        if i buy it from HK or US or Singapore then…the factory outlet unlocked phone then will be able to unlock it?????in India…coz in India its 40k and US it is 28k…so if i buy the phone in US i ll be able to crack it and use it in India ?????

        1. Jatin Kaka says

          Manasi….You don’t need to unlock a factory unlocked phone…. Its already unlocked….. US one is locked (30k with taxes) and u still dont have any unlocking software till now…. Singapore is for 31k (factory unlocked) and 28k (factory unlocked) in hong kong… But I dont think it is available in Hong kong at the moment… So singapore is the best option.

  40. manasi says

    hello frnz,
    it is possible to crack the us iphone4 in india…i wanted to gift my bro with it. but not very sure that it craks or works with indian sim.
    plz do tell me.

    1. vishal says

      hey manasi,

      il suggest you to buy a factory unlocked iphone 4 rather than goin for a locked 1…the cost of 16gb factory unlocked is around 39000 in mumbai…

    2. Jatin Kaka says

      I got iphone 4 unlocked for 31k. Go for unlocked one as unlocking s/w for the us iphone 4 is not available yet.

      1. manasi says

        jatin where did u get the unlock ph from for 31k?????

      2. manasi says

        hey jatin, where did u get the unlocked phone frm for 31k??????

        1. Jatin Kaka says

          Singapore… Or try Hong kong… I guess its was for 28k (INR) in hong kong… Its available in singapore, not sure abt HK.

  41. agnelo says

    iphone 4 16g for sale 35000 unlocked contact 9420788414 goa

  42. blvo says

    i want 2 buy any best android phone price b/w 25000 to 34000 any advice plz whicn one i can buy in india

  43. Diamante schmuck says

    For Euro 500 to buy i-phone 4 would you buy a diamond jewelry or an I-phone ?.
    i-phone within one year will be outdated an new model will come something like iphone 5, while diamond ring will stay for ever and will increase in price with time.

    1. anil says

      diamond is stone but i phone is phone U can with phone but not with stone , before u die use it otherwise u will miss this oppertunity .heven is full of diamond without iphone

  44. Math Addition says

    I phone is expensive in India, several top executives still cannot afford the price, they should lower prices and offer special economic status to India, In India anything low price would sell in Millions. If apple wants deeper penetration it should lower prices and make it affordable to average India, its Simple Math.

  45. madhupriya says

    i got new iphone 4 32gb from london.can u tell wt t price fr tht in india

    1. manasi says

      its for 41k…in india….

  46. abhishek says

    I just bought ipgone 4 32GB.It costed me 48000 rupees.But worth it! what a masterpiece

  47. chetan says

    is micro sim available in india for apple i-phone-4 ?

  48. chetan says

    i have purchased i-phone-4 from U.S.A does i-phone-4 works in india?

  49. Rohan says

    We deal in iphone-4 factory unlocked
    Rs.39,900 16gb
    Rs.49,900 32gb
    comes with 1yrs apple care protection plan and 90days of seller warranty.
    Contact via email with name,address,phone number,query and requirement at [email protected]

  50. some GUY :P says

    in hong kong d price is 650$(fully unlocked)fr 32 2gb……
    here is the chart….http://osxdaily.com/2010/08/13/iphone-4-prices-around-the-world/
    btw i dont think that iphone would be priced sooo high……as the competitor android phones are priced around 30k or less…….so it would be between 30k n 40k…….
    i think it will release in india by end of 2010

  51. venkat says

    hey kishor,
    at what price you have purchased i-phone 4 from us?
    is it works properly in india?
    how u have unlock that phone?

  52. kishor says

    it may b from 30 to 32 …; bcoz iphone 3g is great flop in india… so they study the indian market and reduce the price… if they still maintain that in 4o k plus…. again they need to face a big loss….. so if u want a iphone… buy from us and unlock it here…. i did that only… i unlocked iphone 4… and use it with vodafone with micro sim… enjoy!!

    1. karan says

      hey kishor,
      at what price you have purchased i-phone 4 from us?
      is it works properly in india?
      how u have unlock that phone?

    2. Anikesh says

      you sir just gave me a great deal of happiness….was the us one an AT&T contract one??? pls let me knows as soon as possible….! a friend is currently there… pls hurry…and any issues after unlocking???

      1. speedmillenium says

        After Unlocking in India, its just u can’t upgrade the OS. If ‘ll upgrade it, you’ll have to get it unlocked again. Everything else will work like a charm

    3. venkat says

      are u unlocked your iphone4? but where it is unlocked…..

      1. venkat says

        can u tell me the name of the city & area

  53. ss says

    guys check out the new N8 which will come for < 26K

  54. sam says

    what will be the price of iphone4 in india ???

    1. Tarita says

      its price is INR 34,500

  55. Nameeta Dessai says

    hey if I buy an iphone4 from the US non contract and unlock it here, then will I be able to do software upgrades etc from here in India?

  56. C S Vora says

    If I purchase apple iphone 4 from US, then can I use in Dubai?
    What shall I do?

  57. karan says

    Just had a look at it and shopyourworld.com is actually very reasonably priced.
    The iphone 4 sells 16GB for £499 and 32GB for £599 in the apple UK store. This website purchases from the main apple UK store and provides international warranty. I don’t think it’s available through any other means in India, and if it is, not even close to this price!

  58. kiran says

    hey gt a promotion message from website named shopyourworld.com where it says 44 k for 16gb and 53 k for 32 gb

    not sure how many crazy takers are there at the exorbitant price

  59. Raj says

    One more issue. It uses a microsim, not a normal sim. I got my iphone4 from Uk for 599 pds. I use an airtel micro SIM for my iphone4. Guess what, I got the device to cut the normal sim to microsim.It works fine in iphone4 & normal phone using an adapter. Any one wants their sim to be cut to a microsim, contact me at [email protected]

  60. Harsh Agrawal says

    I believe its going to be somewhere around 40-42k for 16gb and around 45-48k for 32Gigs…
    Lets see ….I will prefer to get Non contract one frm U.S

    1. Ravi says

      hay pls get one i-phone 4 for me also on non contract bases i will pay u for that . pls bro …./// i need that phone .///

      1. Harsh Agrawal says

        Hey Ravi
        I bought one from Ebay India and I bought iPhone 4 FU for 45K…you should better find some 1 from Ebay else wait for 1 more month and but it from Airtel ….

      2. harry says

        hey brother i can get i phone 4 for u but plz tell me the real price in india….for this phone…i m in australia….

  61. Shashank says

    My reaction for the guessed price (If it is released with estimated price tag!!!) would a BIG Laugh….
    Service Providers in India say that the phone call rates in US is around 25-30 cents (So the phone can be released at that price), but in India call rates is 1-2 cents (So the price of the phone is high).
    Though this argument is agreeable (Everyone knows that Call Rates in India is one of the lowest in the whole world), I doubt more than 1000-2000 Iphone4 being sold, if it is priced so high.

  62. ravi says

    iPhone 4 price is definitely going to be more than 45k. Bid rivals’s buy now price for this is 49k and most of the times they sell the mobiles at the market price. So if you can’t wait till next month and want a contract free phone, simply buy from here:
    htt p://www.bidrivals.com/in/Mobiles+%26+Telephones/iPhone+4+32GB+Contract+free

    But 45k for iphone 4 is not worth it. It doesn’t provide anything new that’s not present in competitor Android mobiles. retina display is highly overrated and multitasking is not some new divine feature every other mobile supports it from ages.

  63. Dan says

    Since the iPhone 3GS is being sold in India at 35k-16GB and 39k-32GB, legitimately by Airtel and Vodafone, I’d expect the iPhone 4 to be priced at around 35k for the 16 GB version and 39k for the 32 GB version.

    The no-contract, SIM-locked price of AT&T has always been the same. The only reason the iPhone 3G was released at a much lower cost (31k) is due to the lower exchange rate for the rupee/dollar at that time. With the exchange rate pretty high right now, it the iPhone 4 should be similarly priced with the iPhone 3GS.

    1. Prateek says

      no the IPhone 4 has more than 1000 apps, internet for FREE. video chat you could talk to as many as people as you want at once, led lighting, focused camera…

      So get your facts right.

  64. Amit Malhotra says

    I think it would range between 30k to 35k.

    1. Sharath says

      Amit, I guess it is going to be priced over 45K. iPhone 4 uses Micro SIM and Vodafone and Airtel have to come up with a whole new production line to make it.. that means they have to invest and to recover..they will increase the product price…

  65. Brajeshwar says

    I think there was a no contract option for $599 and you have it to yourself.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thanks Brajeshwar…yes couple of others also pointed that out to me. I have updated the post to reflect the same….

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